07 KLX 250- looking for mods and accessories



Hi there,
Just picked up an older klx250 and I'm looking to accessorize and hopefully do some mods to her in the near future. I live in prince George and was wondering what and where any other klx250 owners have done to their bikes. I need storage on this bad girl so I can hit up some serious camping trips :)

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I bought my 2012 KLX250S with 1900klm on it appr 7 weeks ago been super busy fixing it up to tour/camp/hunt off of since.

Rear Rack = Cycleracks with side panels that I mounted with a couple of mods my appr 25 year old Mtn bike side bags too.

Tires = got rid of the stock Dunlop D605's and replaced that at Gnarly Parts with Dunlop D606 DOT knobby's

Front sprocket = Gnarly Parts replaced the factory 14 tooth with a 13 tooth when I got my tires swapped I was needing a lower gear and definitely didn't need the top gear this is a super cheap make the bike work mod the way I needed.

Seat = after the first 2 days of riding with that freaking skinny brick of a seat killing my butt I ordered a Corbin took 5 weeks to get it but wow now that is a seat.

Fuel tank = the tiny 1.7 US gal tank was driving me nuutz so just yesterday I ordered from Gnarly Parts a black IMS 3 US gal tank I should have it Thursday afternoon.

Grips = Top Pro anti-vibration grips

edit to add: Forgot to mention that I also installed a Happy Trails skid plate and removed the air intake snorkel.

Next mods are

Lighting = while the head light gives off ok light I do a lot of riding in the dark riding into the bush and hour before daybreak and riding out after dark I'm looking at the DDM HID hi/lo light system also looked at a couple LED lights at Gnarly I still have some research to do so any thoughts on this would be totally appreciated.

Edit to add: Purchased a DDM Tuning 55 WAtt 5000 series HID light system it arrived today no time to put it in though.

Exhaust = while I do not want louder I do want better overall performance especially on the low rpm's/bottom end no I am not wanting or needing major power mods I would just like to get out of this little motor everything that it can reliably give me
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got my KLX about a month ago. neat little bike (my first) but i did find it anemic and sounded like it was choking to death. i put on a FMF megabomb header and Q4, took off the airbox cover and put in a uni filter (also cut the backfire screen) and had it rejetted (dynojet). it's like a new bike. much much better, punchier and fun to ride. just put on new handlebars (taller with less sweep) but it requires longer clutch cable which is a real PITA so i don't have use of the bike for a couple weeks. not happy about that. mind you with the monsoons begun it might not have made any difference.... getting a 13t sprocket at same time as new cable, then hand guards installed and she's done and done. very nice little bike, i find it a lot of fun. look forward to working it out more on trails.


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On my WR I found going down one tooth in the front and going up four on the rear was a crucial upgrade for trail riding. Cachnutz rides a KLX and I think he did the same - definitely on the front, not sure if he also did the rear.


Must haves:
- Seat Concepts seat, much more comfortable than OEM
- FMF Q4 silencer, removed airbox snorkel, jet kit - much better performance, good bang for the buck
- hand guards (I crash a lot)

Nice to have:
- I bent 2 sets of the crappy OEM bars, so I put on a set of Protaper KX bend bars. They are much stronger. (I did say that I crash a lot.)
- Better grips. Almost anything is better than OEM
- promotobillet.com luggage rack on the back
- IMS 11 litre tank provides >200km range so I can get hopelessly lost and still make it home.

Stupid expensive, but fun:
- Bill Blue 351 big bore kit and pumper carb

The Bill Blue stuff is good but seriously not worth it. If you think you want this, just buy a KTM / Husaberg / Husqvarna instead. The only reason I did it was because I got the basic bike with all the other aftermarket stuff for a really low price, so I had some money left over to play.


Shoot, forgot to mention the skid plate as well. Every ride I hear something hard clang into that thing multiple times, so I know I'm getting good value for my money.


I've been setting up a KLX for the wife, lowered the seat around 2.75"(shaved seat, link and raised forks)
I have the Q4, DJ, snorkel removed, Acerbis hand guards and 13 toothed C/S. I also installed 25-30mm bar risers (in order to raise the forks) and the cables all worked just fine.
I need a bigger tank and may try the MCM camshaft timing mod. I may also install rad guards, unless the new tank protects adequately. The wife falls OFTEN, so whatever we install gets a lot of 'testing'

I am curious which jets you have in yours as our KLX isn't quite right yet. It does operate at 1,200 to 7,000' ask.


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I just picked up a 2019 and have started to do some upgrades. I installed Barkbuster Jet handguards and am waiting for my Empire racing skid plate and rad guards. For performance I am looking at a slip on exhaust, large diameter snorkel and an ejk tuner. I’m not sure on the exhaust and snorkel source yet but those and the ejk will be my next upgrade for sure.