2008 Photo DVD


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I'm putting together some photo DVDs to be played at the Motorcycle Show in our DSBC booth. We have a lot ofGREAT photos in the gallery but I don't know when or where they were taken. This is where I need YOUR help.

I know you all have had somefantastic adventures in 2008. Let's show those folks that come to theMC Show just where it is that we can go on our bikes.

Please email me a few of yourfavorite adventure photos and I will include them on the DVD.

This is the criteria:

  • must be from 2008
  • date photo was taken
  • where photo was taken
  • your nickname from the siteso I cangive you credit
  • who's in the photo (optional)
email photos and photo info to [email protected]

Thanks in advance for helping out.



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imported post

Thank you to those members that have sent me some of their favorite dual sport photos :tup:

I can still use more so please email me a few of your favorites.