2008 R1200GSA Starting problem


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Last week the bike wouldn't start; starter turned it over but engine didn't fire.
Pushed it home, plugged in charger until 'float' lit up, it started up, headed to Brackendale, quit 10 minutes later apparently out of gas.
Pushed it to nearby gas station; filled up; it started up; coughed a couple of times then it ran fine until Sunday;
So I assumed it was just a weak battery and out of gas.
Riding back to Squamish from Vancouver the engine just stopped, fortunately at the edge of Squamish.
Monday morning charging battery to 'float', no go; afternoon charging new battery to 'float', no go.
So it's not out of gas, the battery is good, the starter turns it over but it doesn't fire up.
It's not the kill switch, it's not the sidestand down.
Any suggestions?

Anyone in the Squamish area that works on BMWs?

I'm mechanically inept and I suspect it's something simple I've overlooked.
But if I can't get it running soon I'll have to arrange to get it to Vancouver to be worked on.

Thanks for any help.


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What I would try right off the bat is pull the spark plug ,insert into the plug wire, and ground it on the engine and turn the starter over and see if there is a spark.
3 things an engine needs to start, spark, gas, compression.


Most likely the fuel pump controller (FPC).
I've been there. Dead on the highway outside Nanaimo. Tried all the basics of spark, injector squirt. Still would not run.
On key on the fuel pump runs to build pressure then stops. When cranking to start or when running the fuel pump controller (FPC) varies the fuel pump speed as required to maintain pressure.
Usually a bad FPC will build initial pressure but not run otherwise.
Is your file pump controller silver (bad) or black (newer design)?
One test is to hold throttle wide open and crank it over. Does it cough. If yes you have spark and some fuel.

Sometimes the failure is promoted by water sitting in the fuel filter well submersing the FPC. There was a recall for that.
Best & fastest check is to bypass it with a cable to test.

I've got both a bypass cable and a spare FPC you can try.
Where are you at?


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Sorry to take so long to reply; I've been tied up with the Dinosaur Train event in Squamish
Thanks for the suggestions but they're a bit out of my skill set.
When I get some free time next week I think I'd better just get the bike to Vancouver.
Hope the rain holds off for any of you going riding tomorrow.


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I finally got a chance to get the bike to Vancouver and yes, it was the fuel pump controller, good call.

Sure glad to be back on the road again.