2008 Van Isle Dualsport Rally , The Orca Run


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[align=center]presents the
Vancouver Island ORCA Run[/align]
[align=center]Our Really Crazy Adventure

'Do you have what it takes to RIDE with the Big Fish?'


April 25, 26 and 27, 2008

Shawnigan Lake, BC

located on the beautiful Koksilah River

We will base this Island DualSportevent from a scenicriverside campground.

[align=center]Nestled on the edge of the world famous Koksilah River, Sunny Daze will provide the perfect camping accommodations and launch point for The ORCA Run.
An unparalleled opportunity to ride the worlds best dual sport terrain will be available to members and guests of DSBC.


[align=center]All levels of riding are here[/align]

[align=center]A- expert, B- intermediate, and C- big bike and new rider friendly

[align=center]Bikes must meet the 96db noise limit, have an approved spark arrestor[/align]

[align=center]and be licensed and equipped for street use

[align=center]Fuel range - 160 km (100 miles) minimum

[align=center]Official ride takes place Saturday April 26[/align]

[align=center]Mandatory Riders meeting at 0830[/align]

Event entry fee$20. Includes camping
[/align][align=center]Ride Day only is$10[/align][align=center]


[align=center]RV's OK ![/align]

[align=center]Sorry, No Pets !

Campsite facilities include running water and portapotties, picnic tables,

[align=center]private sites with fire pits, and a covered community area with a large Firepit!


[align=center]We will provide propane barbecues onsite for your convenience!

If we can get50 riders to commit, the whole campsite will be reserved for DSBC.


[align=center]Typically there are not many rules here. Be respectful, that's about it.

We should be able to have a BONFIRE in April !

Sorry, No Pets !


Post here if you plan on attending!


Van Isle riders
please post if you are coming to camp or just for the day ride.


[align=center]Campsite is a fewkms past Koksilah Provincial Park on the (Old) Renfrew Rd west of Shawnigan Lake Village.


[align=center]4051 Renfrew Rd. , just past Burnt Bridge

The last 5 kms are gravel FSR.

[align=center](note: rcmp patrol this section of road)

[align=center]Signs will be posted along all roads leading in

[align=center]Follow the ORCA!


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[align=left]THE LIST :dr:
117 signed onas of 4/24

N/C means 'not camping'.
Look for your name to see if it is noted.

Also your bike and Loop ridden, B or C
If wrong, pmwith correct info

Also ifbringing an RV, tell us.


[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Tomcycle X-Challenge B (Bus)[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Rambocycle DR200 C [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]SkidmarkTE450 B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]DruZer[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Julius DR650 B sweeper[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]00Buck DR650 C sweeper[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]TG6 X-Challenge B sweeper [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Bearhugger KTM 950S C sweeper[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Jet the Dog GS650 C sweeper[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Submann KTM450 B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]BMWNut HP2 [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Kiwi KLX250 C registration, gatekeeper[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Sail_Lots KLR 650 B or C[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Scotty 905 Honda 650R B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Loz 650 'Berg B sweeper[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Taxguy Husky 250 B RV[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]WindAddiction KTM 640 C[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Cheeky24 DR200 registration, campground[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Joker650 KTM 950 SE B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]DirtDoug Honda 650L B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]BMWGal GS650 C[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]& RayGS650 C RV[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]NewfieNighthawk RV[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]TrialsLord DR650 C sweeper[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]& Friend [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Paul Burke[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Island Hopper KTM 640 B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]ToadRide KLR 650 C[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Bomba DRZ400 B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Pickles DRZ400 B [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Rosco KTM 525B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]CedarTree[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Deuce[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Speed2101 KLX250 C n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]KidAgin DRZ400B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Vexorg [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]& Mrs Vexorg[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]KLR Kid n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]FROG950S KTM525 B RV[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]TLGreen KTM525 B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Pacchman n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Pistol Pete & Mrs Pete DR650 C ?[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Martin Willock n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]GSDoug[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Jimbo GS650 C[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]JRYJ00004[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Hawk TE610 B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]BMW Rocke[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]IanB[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]FixerDave KLR 650 B n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Stratus KTM EXC 250 B n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]DerrickA[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]PrinterBoy[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Malachi DRZ400 B n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Floored DRZ400 B [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Coppertop[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Strongleftleg Husa FE550 B RV[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]plus 3 friends... [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]-KTM520, [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]-Husa FE400, [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]-KLX300[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Crongo[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]XmikeR[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Cracker [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]& Friend n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]C337B n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]SteveBurke n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Wicktrimmer[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Guzzi n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Brian[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]drgee n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Bugsinteeth[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Lucasrankin [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]& friend[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]TheYak G650 X-Country B registration, gatekeeper[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Pitscar[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]K Stevenson [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]S Blackford [/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Pete K[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Scooter[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]1dwn5up[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Mike Watkins n/c[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Pirate KLR650 B[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Sheldon[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Robert Currie (MTR Sports)KLR650 C[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]& Mrs MTR (RV)[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Dakar Marc GS650 Dakar C[/font]

Dakar Junior DR350 C

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]DRZSMS[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Slackeye[/font]

[font="Tahoma, sans-serif"]Mountain Man WR450 B n/c[/font]

Stutoot KLX 650 C

Michelangelu DR650 C

Tik Tak KLR650 B

KLR John KLR 650 C

Tim XR650L RV

Torrie XR650R

Don XR650L

John KLX400

Wes DR350

Slim Pickins KLR650 C

CrunchyProd DR600S B

Thane KLR650 C

Gord KLR650 C

Al KTM950 C

Desmoss GasGas 450 B

Fergie KLR650 C

Boilerrat DRZ400 B

Chevy KLR650 C

Dualer DR650 C

Shaz250 Sherpa C

Voyageur_Powers F650 Dakar C

SlimyLimey KTM950 C

KLR eh KLR650 C

Samboni KTM450 B

Cheech DRZ400 B

Chong DRZ400 B

Knight Rider GS650 Dakar C



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Please put us on the list

Tom Timmerman

Sharon Rambo

Where do I send my money?

Is there going to be room for the bus?


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tomcycle wrot

Where do I send my money?

Is there going to be room for the bus?
Payable on arrival to keep it simple.

There is always room for The BUS :dude:


New member
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Oh yes yes yes yes yes. I wanna play. :clap::hf::mi::hb:

I'm keen to help organise too so let me know how.


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I'm in. I posted on the other thread too, but my RV is truck and trailer - total length 50 feet.


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Taxguy wrote:
I'm in. I posted on the other thread too, but my RV is truck and trailer - total length 50 feet.
Shouldn't be a problem !


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Brilliant 00Buck! I'll be there, and I'll advise soon on another 3 guys. (pumpkin patrol/creamsicle dream team - KTMs all.)


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not looking good for me:(, April is a crazy busy month for me with 3 family birthdays, and Westshore MX Associations full track opening in there as well....


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Hey Paul.

I may need somewhere to park the Cruzer and the trailer fore the weekend, then ride to the 'Isle".


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PaulBurke wrote:
Brilliant 00Buck! I'll be there, and I'll advise soon on another 3 guys. (pumpkin patrol/creamsicle dream team - KTMs all.)
Sounds good. Bring on the KTM's, and how about a few Husky's!

And thanks but this is a team effort, with lots work by many behind the scenes and tons more todo.
If it blows up in our face, we plan to blame Bearhugger! ;)

Sorry to hear that Malachi... maybe you'll miss the ride but hope you can still help plan the B loop and you and the boys can still spend some time at the campsite, it's not far away.

Maybe we could do it again in September! :tup: