2009 KLX Valve Cover Gasket replacement


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I am going to replace the valve cover gasket on my Daughter's 250 KLX. So I was wondering if there is anything I should know and what is a good gasket goo to use? I have a tube of Permatex 2 form a gasket sealant.




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i would replace a gasket with a new gasket if it were me. I was also introduced to permatex anarobic sealer by mr resistor on this forum. it's a gasket goo that you can use on gaskets to help them seal but not stick to the covers/cylinder heads or in a case of where you would use just a gasket type of goo by it self.It works really well, and you don't want to or need very much on the surfaces your putting together.


It's the half moons that really need a bit of help sealing, be very slightly more "generous" there. The rest of the gasket needs just a very light layer of "goo".