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Hooligan wrote:

Actually the Caprivi is now blacktop, been like that for a number of years, (did you know fyndraai has been tarred?)The salt roads along the Skeleton Coast is kinda dirt but more like blacktop, the road from the Skeleton Coast park to Etosha is about 50% gravel, the rest BT.

The Zambia roads are all blacktop,

Most of the Tanzania roads at BT. The dirt section in Tanz isthe one too and from Dodoma leading to the Serengeti. From the Seregeti to Moshi is 50% gravel.

Malawi mostly BT with a few shortcuts as gravel.

Malawi will also be mostly BT with a couple sections gravel.

Swaziland all BT, also SA will all be BT.

Total Gravel I guess at 2000km, balance BT.

Yes, but we dont stick to the designated route do we... You don't find the good stuff :)hb:) that way....


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And now we look at the weather and I see another snow fall warning for tonight. 15 to 20cm by tomorrow. :mad3:


I can not wait to get to a hot place.....to:hb: