2010 Dead Zone Fun Facts


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You all have been asking for them so here is the 2010 installment of . . . .

2010 Dead Zone Fun Facts :clap:

For the last few years I've been taking the information that is provided on the Dead Zone Entry Forms and I've compiled some very interesting facts and statistics about our sport and our participants (yes, I'm a math geek!!).

This year we tried to keep the number of riders under 100. We wanted a more managable group for the campground, the caterers and the sensitive area that we ride in. But I'm a bit of a pushover so we allowed 115 riders.

The average age of a Dead Zone Participant is once again 45. This statistic has stayed constant for the last 3 years. This goes to show that as we original DSBCers age, younger people are joining in on our fun.

40% of participants are in their 40s
25% of participants are in their 50s
17% of participants are in their 30s
9% of participants are 60 or older
9% of participants are under 30

Our oldest rider was 70 and our youngest rider was 18.

The average age of a . . . . . .

Sherco rider = 61 (Ted won't tell me how old he is so I had to guess)
Aprillia rider = 58
BMW rider = 52
Yamaha rider = 48
Beta rider = 44.5
Kawasaki = 44
Suzuki rider = 44
KTM rider = 44
Husky rider = 44
Honda rider = 41
Husaberg = 34

Once again the MOST POPULAR bike at the Dead Zone was the Suzuki DRZ 400 :clap: 17% of all the bikes were DRZs. Following very closely was the KLR 650 at 16% :dr:

Percentage of bikes that participated at the event:


Kawasaki.... 22.5%

KTM........... 19%

Honda......... 10.5%

BMW........... 8.5%

Husky......... 5.3%

Yamaha....... 5.3%

Sherco........ 1.8%

Beta............ 1.8%

Aprillia......... 0.9%

Husaberg..... 0.9%

The 800GS was the most popular BMW at 40%

Honda's most popular bike was the XR 650 at 50%

The TE610 was Husky's popular bike again this year at 50%

Of course the KLR beat out all other Kawasakis at 73%

This year the 450EXC was KTM's popular ride at 32%

And for Suzuki the DRZ 400 topped the list again at 70%

Here's a new statistic this year . . . .

65% of bikes were over 400cc and
35% of bikes were 400cc or under

or you can look at it this way . . . . .

53% of bikes were 451cc or more
48% of bikes were 450cc or less

Of all the bikes at the event 35% of them were in the 400cc - 499cc range.

Where did all of the riders come from:

Lower Mainland 72%

Interior 14%

Vancovuer Island 8%

USA 6%

Of the registered participants the percentage of women riding the event was only 2.5%

We had 7 USA friends from the south come and ride with us. They have been participating in this event with us for years. They must really enjoy themselves as they spend their National 4th of July Holiday in BC.

57% of the t-shirts that were ordered were XL or larger. Read into that stat whatever you like . . . :D

So that's it for another year. If there are any other stats that you would like me to keep please let me know.

Thanks to everyone who helped us put this event together and a HUGE Thank you to our DualSportBC Sponsors. Without them we would not be able to put on events like this.

Western Powersports - Langley
Island BMW - Victoria
MX1.Canada - Richmond
5th Gear - Richmond
Pacific BMW/Yamaha/Husky - Richmond
Motorcycle World - Surrey
Holeshot - Langley
Burnaby Kawasaki - Burnaby
Big Top Powersports - Chilliwack
Husky Northwest - Everett WA
Gnarly Parts - Chilliwack
MTR Sports - Coquitlam and on-line
Britannia Composites - Surrey
Motercycle Overland Developments - Vancovuer
Bike F/X - Surrey
Rubber Side Down - Richmond
BC Dirt Bike Supply - Kelowna
Minuteman Press - Surrey

Now go and check out the thread for the Kamloops Loose Screw and sign up for their awesome event!!

Until next time . . . .