2010 Dead Zone


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
Only one month away, Have you sent in your registration form & cheque?

  • Your entry fee includes one night of TENT camping.
    • We hope that you'll stay for a second night, but will need to collect $10 from you at the gate.
    • If you are in anything other than a TENT, then you will need to call Roy & Sarah at the Acacia & make arrangements for an RV site / pay their rates. Yes - this includes folks that intend to sleep in their vehicles in the parking lot.
      • Alternatives include the provincial site across the river, 'Goldpan' south of the village, or 'Hilltop' north of town.


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
FEED ME! at the Dead Zone.

FEED ME! at the Dead Zone.

DZ Dining:

  1. When you arrive on Friday night, the Spences Bridge Search & Rescue / Fire Department will be offering barbecued burgers & smokies BY DONATION. This was a real hit for participants last year, and raised some much-needed funds for the local SAR volunteers.
  2. Saturday morning (early) we will have hot coffee and a pancake breakfast to get you going. No charge (thanks to our generous sponsors).
  3. We are also sending you off Saturday with a 'sack lunch' prepared by our friends at the PackingHouse and also courtesy of our sponsors. Remember to grab a bottle of water (courtesy of Western Powersports) for your pack.
  4. Saturday dinner will again be catered by the PackingHouse folks (and most of the town residents).

Pretty decent value for your entry $, eh?:clap:

Cold malt beverages will be available for purchase on-site, thanks to Ian of Britannia Composites for taking on this formidable task.

Vegetarians take note that we regret that we cannot cater to your needs. There will be meat at every meal; please make other arrangements, flick it off your plate or eat around it.:p

Sunday y'all are on your own. There will be no morning coffee etc. etc. We suggest you go spend your money at the PackingHouse Cafe!


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
You are all sincerely welcome!

You are all sincerely welcome!

That was fun!

Great riding weather, good traction on the trails, excellent food, cold beers, no injuries...

I witnessed dozens of smiling dusty faces on Saturday. It makes me proud & grateful to have been a part of the organization of the 2010 Dead Zone.

We estimate that we spent over 1,000 volunteer hours (and $5k of our own money) in putting this event on. Thank you for showing-up and enjoying yourselves.

As you know - Tom, Judy and Mike D did the 'heavy lifting' this year. Many others made contributions that were nevertheless INTEGRAL to the weekend being a success, including Neil, John V, Scott M, Bob H, Doug, Peter, Walt, Mike O, Ted, Sharon, Bren, Ian and Guy. This event would have failed without each of these guys volunteering & carrying part of the load.

This is the first event in BC, to my knowledge, for which a BCORMA BCtrailpass was mandatory for every participant. This raised money for a very effective organization and, more importantly, demonstrates a tangible head-count & commitment to governments & stakeholders.

I'm sure that Tom & Judy will have their own 'wrap-up' comments, but I wanted to express my gratitude to participants & volunteers personally.

Mark Gray