2013 Vancouver Motorcycle Show - Volunteers Needed


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Until the "2013 Events" section gets added to the DSBC Main Forum page the thread for the 2013 Motorcyle Show will be found here

Volunteers Needed for the DSBC booth at the 2013 Vancouver Motorcycle Show at the Abbotsford Tradex.

DualsportBC will once again have a booth at the Motorcycle Show.

Good News: We will NOT be in the tent (there is no tent this year)

Bad News: There is none!!! This is all good.

We now need all of you to sign up and volunteer to work the DSBC booth. It's fun, it's easy and you are going to be at the Show anyway so why not give a few hours of your time and host the booth.

We need to have 2 people in the booth per shift. A shift will be 4 hours or so. Show times are Thursday Jan 17 in the evening, 10am - 9pm Friday, 10am - 9pm Saturday and 10am - 5pm Sunday.

Let me know what day works for you and if you prefer morning or afternoon or evening.

For $15 you will get a one day pass to the Motorcycle Show (for the day you volunteer to work the booth) and a special 2013 DSBC M/C Show t-shirt.

Email me [email protected] or PM me your details:

1. Name (first and last and forum nickname)

2. phone number

3. t-shirt size

4. When you can work the booth

5. Email Address - I need this so I can email you important info

A schedule will be put together in January and emailed to all those who volunteer.

I have to provide a list of volunteer names to the Show organizers before the end of the month so please get back to me ASAP.




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It's now crunch time and the planning for the 2013 DSBC booth at the Motorcycle Show is well under way. WE NEED BOOTH VOLUNTEERS!!!! Thank you to those that have contacted me already.

If you are able to volunteer your time please email or PM me.


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I have sent out emails and PMs to previous booth volunteers asking if you can help out again this year. Please check your Inboxes.


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Thank you to all the people that stepped up and volunteered to work the DSBC booth at the Motorcycle Show. You people are fantastic!!!! We are looking great now.