2014 GVMC New Years Day Run


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Get the year started off right, ride you motorcycle

You never know what the weather will bring but its always a good time

For more information follow this link to the GVMC site http://www.gvmc.ca/calender/view_event.asp?event_id=340

Event Name: GVMC New Years Day Run
Location: GVMC Clubhouse - #307 - 192nd Street Surrey
Contact: Wes Jamison Dwight Harris Chris Carey
Contact Phone: (604)857-4880 (604)466-8812 (604)534-0609
Contact Email: [email protected] [email protected]
Event Date: Wednesday, January 01, 2014

History of the New Year's Day

This event has been a tradition for the hardcore (and the hung over) for about 25 years. What better way to bring in the New Year, and show your commitment to the sport, than by going for a ride?

Due to the variable weather, the event is usually fairly short road ride, starting and ending at the clubhouse. Hot drinks and food are always served. Previous events have included dirt bikes running trailer plates in the snow; riders with “Happy New Year” party hats taped onto their helmets and blowing noisemakers; and a sidecar rig needing a push to get up the icy hill in back of the old clubhouse.

When the weather is fair, there are usually 20 or more riders. Dual sport bikes predominate when the roads turn to slush or were recently salted. Whatever the turnout, it is always a good time.

Current Information on the GVMC New Year's Day Run

Come join us for the GVMC New Year's Day Run Wednesday January 1, 2014. A great way to start the New Year!

Sign Up; 10:00am - 11:00am at the GVMC Club House. Ride leaves at 11:00am.
This is a rain or shine event. Cars are welcome.

Signup fee:$20.00 Cash – Cheque - PayPal (plus applicable service charge)
This includes a hot meal at the end of the Run.

The ride will be a Poker Run and have a route that is enjoyable for both road riders and dual sporters. There will be other fun activites happening at the Clubhouse after the Run or in place of if the weather so dictates.


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There will be a pit stop at my place. I intend to have a "fun" course set up for the dualsport riders through the trails and around the back field. There may even be an obstacle or two to ride over, around, through, etc etc. Hot cocoa, treats and big slobbering dogs will also be awaiting who ever shows up to my place.


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Arrowed a few loops for one of the dual-sport sections of the GVMC New Year's Day Ride.

Here is my trusted assistant testing the short mud section

And to make things a little more sporting I can release the hounds

Follow the link that Tom posted above to get more info on the GVMC New Year's Day Ride. It's a street ride with
several dualsport options. It'll be fun!



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Putting this at the top in case anyone wants to join in. If you don't want to do the street ride you can just come over to my place and have fun on the trails and in the back field.