2015 Beta XTrainer 300 ?


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Keith (formerly owner of Mongoose Machine) has one. He likes it.

I bought his used freeride 350 four stroke. I took a look a his xtrainer, did not ride it though. Beacuse it is shorter, a bit lighter and has mellow power delivery, most ride reports say it would be good for new enduro riders, shorter riders, girls, or guys wanting a more mellow power delivery. Suspension is soft.

If you are on KTM talk, check the near last posting of this thread for a comparison of the FR250 to the Xtrainer. http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?513484-Thoughts-on-Freeride-VS-Beta-X-Trainer

I had an FR250 since November. I wanted a technical woods bike for occasional racing and technical trail riding. Trials bikes were just too small, soft and the transmission a PIA. The 350 EXCF was good but tiring pushing it through all those tough trails at Tansky at race pace. The FR250 was a perfect balance, but I did not like the power delivery. After 6 months, I was going to sell the FR250 for the Xtrainer, but I really liked the ergos and geometrey of the FR250. I just wanted a different engine. Thats when I found out Keith had an Xtrainer and was selling his FR350. The FR350 is a perfect bike for be for my technical woods riding.

In the process I called the beta distributor out east. The xtrainers are in high demand (of course he would say that). Supposedly a few more 2016s coming later this fall, but most are pre-sold. If you are really interested, call the distributor, he will know if there are any around that you can look at.


Thanks for the insight as always Clunky :).
Looking for a dedicated woods weapon, as my recent experiences (on the easy stuff) @ McNutt have shown smoother/lighter is better... And perhaps the g-friend could eventually take it over ?

Currently awaiting a peek at an Xtrainer courtesy of Bob @ Mountain Moto....


Summary: smaller than normal size, tuned for low end torque, great for beginners, good cross trainer for others.

you would like it ;)


Here is one from the last page,

Had my 1st hare scramble race Saturday on the xtrainer. Bike did awesome, the only thing holding it back was me. The front felt a little choppy but I have not played with the clickers yet. I think with a few adjustments and my flex bars put on it will be fine. Power and traction was spot on and the bike cruised thru trees like it was on a rail. I came off a 200xcw and love this bike more and more every time I ride it. Everybody talks about how light and flickable the KTM 200 is but the xtrainer is much more so. Hill climbs were so much easier on the xtrainer vs the 200 but that is probably because of my riding style. I will say the 200 beat it for hole shots and coming out of corners but that is about the only advantages I found.


Here is another, but generally they are all about the same. A lot of the guys were KTM riders that wanted a change and are very happy with them. They are designed for beginners and for riding really tight technical stuff and hard enduros.

Well I am embarrassed to say that it took 5 weeks to get my new xtrainer out for a good test. I picked up my bike from shop Saturday after getting tubliss installed front and rear. I was a little worried about the suspension after reading all the comments here (I had only been riding it in some fields around my office to get some heat cycles in). First I took it on some easy trails to get familiar with the bike and my concerns about the suspension where growing even more as it was bouncing me all over the trails with bad traction. We rode the easy stuff for about 10 miles and I was very disappointed. So back to the truck to make some adjustments before we hit the gnarly single track. Then I remembered I had not checked air pressure after having the shop install tubliss. Sure enough they had put 22lb's in front and 20 in rear. So I dropped it to 10 front and 6 rear and hit the single track without changing the clickers and all I can say is WOW. I had been on the same course before on my 2013 KTM 200xcw and couldn't believe how the XT was performing. With some of the hills I would have to be in 2nd gear and high rpm's to make it on the 200. The XT made it easy to stay in 2nd or 3rd from a crawl on the same hills. On the hardest hill you go thru a creek with a hard turn and then straight up the big hill climb which was very hard for me on the 200 but the XT just kept grinding and made it with ease with out any clutch work ( I have rekluse both bikes). My riding partner was on KTM 350wcf and was having a hard time keeping up with me and it use to be the other way around. I loved this bike on it's first true test. I didn't feel comfortable on the fast connecter trails but that also was before I adjusted the tire pressure but even so I will give that up for the great handling on the single track. The steering quick and the traction was awesome in the loose rock hill climbs.