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4 not too bright riders


New member
I just got back from a trip to the Kaslo area doing some back country hiking. I had to take my truck but met a number of dual sport riders in the area with some of them headed to Nakusp for the HU meeting. All great people!
I did however experience 3 riders from Sask and one from AB who passed me and a family in front of me on Highway 31A on a double solid line on corners. A couple were on KLR 650s.I ride one and they arent known for ther breakneck acceleration so I was more than a little concerned and upset watching this behaviour from those who I would consider to be above it. Not only did they put themselves at risk , they put the family in front and me in peril.
I did question a rider in Kaslo whose 650 looked familiar and got a sheepish denial, so can't say it was him.
I am posting this to raise the issue and as a reminder of how dangerous it is when you have enough power, but way more so when you dont.

Ride safe