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5 day 50/50 loop from Vancouver


New member

The seas have parted and looks like my brother and I may be able to disappear for a last minute 5 day trip next week. Having not really planned for this trip, we are looking for some input on route ideas from you knowledgeable folks please: Too far? Missing the best stuff? Turn left instead of right? etc....

We'll be on a DR650 and R100GS. Both comfortable riding off road (both also ride dirtbikes) but happy going slower and not beating the crap out of these bikes (occasional tip overs not the end of the world). Preference is to pack light and motel it, but will pack tent and sleeping bags too (but hopefully not too much cooking stuff). Happy on either pavement or gravel (both running TKCs) - scenery and camradarie are our motivations. I have explored Chinahead, Poisin Mtn., and Yalakom in a truck and loved it, and also horsebacked around Chilco Lake area and loved that too. My brother lives out east and hasn't been north of the Anderson/Carpenter lakes area, and so I was thinking that further north into the Carbioo/Chilcotin could be a good destination. We love riding, but enjoy downtime too, and would be happy to average 5 to 6 hours of riding a day (the odd long day isn't a problem).

Rough plan right now:

Day 1 - Vancouver, Whis, Pemb, Duffy, Lillooet (warm up pavement day)

Day 2 - Lillooet, West side Fraser, Big Bar ferry, Jesmond Rd, Gang Ranch/Dog Creek (for gas), and .......

(Idea A) keep going north to spend night Williams Lake, then spend next three days heading up to Likely and south back to Vancouver via backroads (e.g. Horsefly, Deadman-Vidette, Nahatlatch, Harrison East)

- Is the proposed route from Lillooet to Williams Lake too much for one day?

- By heading north from Dog Creek to Williams Lake via Alkali Lake, will we see some of the amazing scenary I've heard about when people talk about the Gang Ranch area?

- Is this generally too much for a relaxing 5 day ride?

(Idea B) trend northwest after Gang Ranch and explore further towards Big Creek, Farwell Canyon Road, Nemaiah Valley and Chilco Lake

- If we start Day 2 in Lillooet, what is a realistic spot to make it to for the night after turning NW after getting gas in Dog Creek?

- Ideas for next few days that get us back to Van without too much backtracking?

- Is this biting off too much for a 5 day trip?

Thanks very much to all that can offer some sage words of wisdom! :hb:

Hope you are enjoying the sun!

Cheers, JB