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6 mile lakes


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OMG the road up from 6 mile/ willow pt to the lakes is sooo nice. Curvey with a perfect surface. Not technical, but fun. Good for any kind of d-s bike even a 1200GS. And at the top is this
sasquatch lake.jpg

Both the sasquatch and 6 mile lake rec sites would be nice camping - and there's lots of roads to explore up there

Lemon creek road is not as nice - and had 2 "road closed " signs 8-}

If you haven't then you should.......


6 Mile to the Lakes is closed by two (maybe more?) slides at 9 km. The first one is mostly snow with rocks and some wood. The second one, just around the corner (100m) heading north after walking across the first, is lots of timber. Once the snow melts out of the first one it won't be too hard to get a path through. That second one though is going to take quite a bit of chainsaw work. And who knows what removal of the wood will reveal.
Near the bottom, coming up from Willow Point, there was sign I hadn't seen last year advising that the road was closed 2km from Hwy 6. That was signed as being closed coming off Hwy 6 last August but there was no problem getting past where Lemon Creek had nibbled at the road. Maybe Friday I'll do a pavement run and check if that part has really gone out this spring.
Pic on left:the tree trunk visible on the right side of the road is 12" in diameter.
Pic on right: the boulder off the left of the road is at least as long as the bike.


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Friday's recon ride

Friday's recon ride

I got out yesterday to see how things are from the north end of the road. Lemon FSR is still there although the creek is nibbling away at it in several spots. It could be dicey in a truck, the stream side wheel would have little room for error; straight down to the rushing water. I didn't get a picture of the worst bit, I was done stopping and taking pictures.

Heading south from Lemon is first part of 6 Mile is way more eroded than is was last August. The section after the Sasquatch Rec Site is real bad. A few more wet areas and then it was its usual self until the end of the road at about 11.5 km. The pictures show that slide. It covers at least 100 meters of road. I didn't have my GPS with me when I came up from the south but I did for this ride. I was able to go from Mapsource to Google Earth and saw the terrain. I'm guessing that there are several more slides between the ones that stopped me.

I took a few pictures and headed back the way I came. Once I hit Hwy 6 I turned north to check out another slide that had made what was going to be a loop an out 'n back last August. See the other thread for that conclusion.


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PS to the post above.
Heading north and south I stopped at the Co Op in Slocan Park for fuel. On the way back I told the young guy who'd fuelled the pony in the morning about what I'd found out. Turns out he and others he knows like to spend time at the 6 Mile Lakes. Some of them have the resources and the inclination to make that road go through again. Sounds good. :clap:
We'll see.


Sunday June 17 update

Sunday June 17 update

Went out this morning with the GPS to mark the south slide so I could come up with this photo. Got a bit damp as the sky kept alternating between downpour and hot sun. Summer officially starts Wednesday afternoon. I wonder when it will start weatherwise?


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