A & B+ Scouting


Dorky and I went out yesterday. Holy crap is it hot cutting logs and going over/under them ;) I am not complaining though, summer is here :clap:

The 2 really big dead trees are gone this year...but the river is so high you might not be able to camp down there anyway.



Smokey out there on the top of Mt. Lolo

"Do you want to see my belly button?"

This is what happens when you follow to close to me in mud and I ride just fast enough to keep momentum but not spin. I swear I heard "rekluse...trials tire...rekluse...trials tire" on the wind several times yesterday.


One of these bikes is not like the other. The one with the new shiny white tank has more mud on it from falling down only moments before:confused: ....rekluse...trials tire...

We cut the day short and only got to Section 3 of the roll chart. I drank 3 litres of water in 4hrs, it was +35C. Bring your ice vests boys and girls, we didn't move all the logs ;)


A few new 'features' on the trail at the moment.

The ramp over the first log was probably OK, until the second log fell beside it 4 feet away. Not sure how you clear that.

Trying to find a route around

Yaaa! 15 minutes later...


We started out with 7 riders yesterday morning at 830am. It is 40km to the field from my house.

We were on a bit of a tear and didn't stop until we got to the top of Mt.Lolo. Except for the one mud puddle, it is clear sailing to there.


We picked up another rider at the top of the mountain and headed back down to where the deadfall needed to be cut from last week. One the way a little grouse decided it should test out a KTM numberplate.



The second big log, we left the first.

Electric saws only work when they are charged!

We broke 2 handsaws today...time to go buy bigger and better ones.

We picked up another rider at the last set of downed trees, which you will go around. We weren't cutting them out. We split up from there into 3 groups; one went direct to Sun Peaks, another went back to find out what was taking the last so long, and 3 of us finished the A loop.

The A loop needed quite a bit of cutting and the 3 of us got to Sun Peaks at 3:30pm. It was a long day so far with lots left to go.

Top of Mutiny hill with not very much gas left.


We only skipped the Charcoal Forest section, which one of the previous groups did on their way back down. It is "clearish" they say. I ran out of gas at 195km on the odo with my 13L tank, with 5km left to Pritchard. Dan had borrowed 4L total from Stuart throughout the day and both of them were almost on fumes getting to Pritchard. They came and got me and I put in 400ml as per my Gatorade bottle.

Bring extra fuel with you!

I made it home at 830pm with a clean bike and a full tank of gas. Total mileage for the day was 280km and a great sleep was had last night :) It's going to be fun!


No pictures of my solo scouting today....BUT, it keeps raining here and it was wetter today than last week.

No mishaps today except for the bog I went through. The bike needs a push and when I got off to push it a little, I stepped into what I thought was a puddle. Wrong! It was over 3 feet deep and I ended up falling onto my stomach with the bike landing on me. My helmet went under and it smelled horrible. I have not marked this spot :) Go through the bogs slowly boys and girls :D


Rode the full B+ today and cut out a couple more trees. No more though, the rest stay.

It is also wetter than last weekend...should keep the dust down.

181 km from Pritchard Store gas to Pritchard Store gas. The ice cream cone after was worth it. Full loop is 201 km from the campsite. I didn't have any fuel issues today and I have a 13L tank.

It also took me 6.5 hours total. I predict 7-9 for most people depending on speed. I was booking it today and not reading the roll chart, just creating the GPS route.

Edit: forgot that I saw a bear and a cougar today. The bear ran away and the cougar walked away slowly with a look back. Not a single fuck was given...
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i'm planning on riding the A section tomorrow morning with my no-name sidekick. we will be checking for downed trees etc as well. if we don't find any down, we will knock a few snags across the trail as we go!! yuk yuk! It is an A route after all. I do hope that cougar likes the no-name brand?


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LADIES AND GENTS: the A route has been checked and it's been approved as passable! there has been a tremendous amount of leafy brush grown this year that has obscured the trail in some places,so be aware and careful,especially along the fence lines! barbwire hurts! also be aware that there are some fence anchors/that are also lurking in said bushes,yes you will lose if you hit one! I don't believe that we are going to be giving out gps tracks for the b+/A ride this year. so you will still have to rely on your roll chart skills to get you to sunpeaks for lunch and back down to the river for a swim later in the day. mileage for b+/a option, should be very close to the b+ distance. Should be a fun ride- enjoy folks!


Yes, GPS tracks will be provided of the A & B+ this year. They aren't needed though and should be used as backup as the roll chart includes everything and more!

I also think I may have wrangled some lightly clothed girls to help serve dinner and sell raffle tickets. Bring your cash!! I also hear they like free beer!!