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, which is what the "A loop" will be this year at the Loose Screw, options off of the "B" loop. We were out for two days over the weekend what a bunch of fun! managed to map out some tree infested options for those that choose it, with the odd hill tossed in for interest. Here's a coupla pics.

Here is how Dan will look in Moab later this week, holy neon Batman! ReidsGloves would be right at home. It is the only pic. with his Go-Pro helmet cam., as it was soon to be a Gone-Pro.

This will be known as "Dan's Hill" and as we all know sometimes it's not good to have obstacles bearing our name.

the last was looking down and this looking up, yes it is steep.

Panasonic DMC TZ4, whipped out of the case, booted up, and got the shot, faster than Dorky could yank his 500 over the teeny but tenacious tree. (picture a gunslinger blowing the smoke off the barrel of his six-shooter, with the bad guy laying in the dust)

no matter how nicely he asked, Terry's bike refused to get up by itself.

Gordo pointing out KTM parts growing out of the Fir tree. Planted there after an Al Perret (if I remember correctly), airborne launch exiting the creek.

we had a terrific day, warm and sunny traction was fine though some of the grassy areas were ice underneath.

Terry likes it.



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fair enuf. after yesterdays ride, the naming of trails or sections after a particular person for a particular reason leaves me afraid, verry afraid.

A few shots from yesterdays "work" party and ride.
Terry landed into quite a crosshatch of broken branches. Here is his bike is resting uphill after being unpinned from the lowside of the trail.

From a hundred feet away I could tell he was just looking for a parking spot and sure enuf he just burped it up and parked it. Here Dan blends with the scenery and admires his parking job and ponders where to add more "peach" colored bling.

after regrouping and carrying along Reid and Gordo started off with Reid attacking the log right beside dan's bike making him dash for the rescue, it was all good but made a nice circus moment though. The log is a good 18" round, off the ground, downhill, and has a special feature. A loop option.

zoomed way in, steeper than it appears, dust trailing far behind.

same hill different angle different approach

watch for the blue ribbons

Reid considering a different line.

as my comp. program is limited as to how much a picture can be straightened, I chose to level out the bike. A protractor will show how steep the hill is that terry is reaching the top of. The ponderosa pine on the right is standing upright(ish) on the top.

a fun few hours in spectacular weather. after all was done we had only travelled around 25k including the short fsr access ride to get to the trails.

That's all for now,, unfortunately there may be more pictures later. ho hum.
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Looks like a blast! Let me know next time you guys go out, love to give a hand. It's basically in my back yard.
Terry H


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terry shoot me a pm with your contact info and i'll give you a call next time we are going out. many hands make for light work, and lots of fun as well!

Ron Wolf

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Too funny,I want to ride with you guys,your having too much fun.....ride on!
See you in August.
Ron Wolf