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Loose Screw 2013 – A Route

So you are thinking about riding the A loop huh? Answer these first, hopefully the answers are yes to all of them :D

Do you like to smile?

Do you have a bike in the 350-530 variety?

Do you have fresh tires?

Do you have enough fuel to cover 180-190km of mixed single/double track?

Can you carry carrying fuel in whatever container you can find?

Do you have bark busters?

Are you willing to buy a new jersey when you get home?

Do you pay someone to whip you for erotic pleasure and find the same pleasure from willows branches?

If you said yes to all, then the A route is for you!


About Me
I rode the entire loop (almost) yesterday and came back tired, dirty, and smelling of mediocracy. I am not an A rider, confident B/B+ rider at best. Ask around, I have pink grips, pink streamers, and fall down a lot. People have told me that my Rekluse is cheating, my left-hand rear brake is cheating, my trials tire is cheating. These people are my friends...slowly they are all converting. Sheep!

The loop took me 8 hours with a 30 minute lunch break at Sun Peaks. I left Pritchard at 8:30am and got to Sun Peaks at 1:30pm and was gone by 2:15pm. I ate at Bottoms on their patio because they have hotter waitresses. I had their famous pulled pork sandwich with salad, and a lemon water if you must know. Save the beer for camp boys and girls, don't say I didn't warn you. The afternoon is not a gentle ride home like it starts out;) I made it back to Pritchard by 4:30pm. Perfect timing to get some fuel, get back to camp for a swim, and onto dinner and raffle ticket buying.

My 12.9L fuel tank was full to the brim leaving Pritchard store. I ran out of fuel 4km from the Pritchard bridge and I didn't do the optional last section. The 1L fuel bottle kept me from pushing. I would suggest carrying a little fuel with you. If you don't mind pushing, don't carry fuel, I don't care. We aren't coming to get you.

Glimpse into the Route
I don't want to give away the ending as that isn't fair to the Kamloops Dual Sport Riders that put their blood, sweat, and backs into putting together this route for you.

These guys are nuts :) The route is awesome and I don't think that anyone will come back to camp wanting more. I came back with a ripped jersey, ripped pants, and a ripped seat cover, all from one 'feature'. The morning loop is tough, long, and tuckered me out before lunch. It links together well and I wanted lunch for sure. The afternoon loop can only be described as quick relaxing roads linked together with sections of whimsy!

Take from that what you will and have a great time out there! And if you want to thank the Kamloops Dual Sport Riders that put together the loop for you, just look for the guys sitting in the river, drinking beer, and smirking ;)


From the Route Chart Instructions

The A route is a 180-190 km loop to Sun Peaks and back, nicknamed "29 Trails". Lots of single track, 2-track, sorta-track, and no track! Follow your roll chart…there is no GPS route.

This route is not 650 friendly – you may be able to do it on a 650 but it will be a long day & night. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. There are many technical sections on this route where you may not be able to go around.

Fresh knobby tires are recommended (required?)
Gas is not available on this route. You will need to plan for this and bring a bottle or two.
Food is available when you pass through Sun Peaks. Bring snacks with you.

If you are done and need to go home, almost any road heading downhill will get you back to civilization. Try to go south if you can. Make sure the FSR callout numbers are descending and you will be going the right direction. This will be a shame though, hopefully you can make it all.

Keep an eye on the time. It’s a long, long way to finish the whole route. (We expect many riders will not finish).

When you get to camp, buy a raffle ticket or two, bring your beer, and come on over and tell us your stories.
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Exit of Charcoal Forest

I see a little Wayne in there

There's the Wayne we all know

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Exit of Dennis Lake Bypass


You are going to want to ride across the rocks in this creek. It's DEEP on the other side. Don't slip!

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Just a gnarly little creek. Some of you might remember this creek from the B+, except it was uphill...and was on the other side of the fence...and was way easier to cross...

You can see my rear tire in this one.

Yah, so I went in the creek and ended up wheeling it out on the exit. That then ended up with me laying on my back in the creek with the bike falling onto me. I managed to get it over to the side with the front tire wedged between a rock and that big tree. This is where it ended up after I picked it up off me...
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bora,that looks like the afternoon section of the A. How did you like it? you've gotten a lot of saddle time in the last few days.
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I liked it a lot and will have feedback for the trail builders tomorrow, along with the roll chart adjustments. I have about 550km in the past 2 days.

Time for new tires...any suggestions for a DOT approved front that won't chunk off too much? Going with the Pirelli MT43 on the rear again.


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GPmoto's golden tyre 213??(can't remember the number this early!)

mx-1 mitas c21,

i like both of them,and they seem to wear very well.


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Looks fantastic!!! Do you guys have a KM count for it yet? I am gonna be close on fuel, 8.5l main and a 3.8l rotopax....and a short length of fuel line hehe


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"You are going to want to ride across the rocks in this creek. It's DEEP on the other side. Don't slip!"

and that was the shallow side, the left side is easily over three feet deep maybe four! do not "oops" in that direction, the right side (the side that Bora chose) is way shallower. Before riding in any dirt I plopped my kickstand in some new cow poo poo, an omen for things to come? .

I got off the ribboned track by about 15 feet and had to saw my way out of the tangle of overgrowth to get out and back on the "trail"

a scary looking but quite do-able muddy bit

there are some terrific views along the way.

reserving comment on the loop until more feedback from those that rode yesterday but the old loose screw A loop is long gone (it never really was an A more of an easy ride with some ridiculously hard sections thrown in) this one is labelled correctly as advertised, I don't care how good Cheeseburger is on his Klr this is not the playground for ANY bigger bike. I was riding with Reid yesterday in Kelowna and have logged over 10hrs of tough stuff over fri. and sat. time for a new back tire just three rides on this one, great traction not such great longevity, you have to pay to play, and any tire that works real well will not last as long as my Scottish wallet would like.
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Looking good guys!

Bora: good to hear more love for the MT43. Been rocking one for years, don't see going back to a knobby. I've been using an MT21 on the front for a couple of years now. At least 3k kms, still has a couple of thou more to go. Great for gravel, OK for tarmac, haven't had any difficulties in the gnar yet.

A bit on the pricey side though. Might go with a Mitas C17 when this one wears out - solely due to price. The C21 looks good too, but I think it might not be as good for gravel based on the smaller knobs outside the center row. I'm sure it would be better in mud and loose loam, but by how much can only be determined by testing.


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Looks like a lot of fun. Sorry I am going to miss it, just too much moola to come from the island just for one ride. :-(


Bora, if you have any Motoz Tire dealers close by, they are all DOT now I believe. I don't use DOT tires, so I haven't tried one myself, but they are generally well regarded proper dirt bike tires. I have used a few Dunlop D606 and Pirelli MT21 fronts on the old 640, but I've never liked them enough to want them on the 525/ 530. Not quite as much side hill or cornering confidence in my experience. Kendas are all DOT as well. My ice racing front tire is a Kenda Washougal, and it is a very similar looking tire to the Bridgestone M403 and M59 I have been using on the current bike, and I like these very much.

I posted in the other thread, but I'll repeat the question here. I received the MSR side load route sheet holder from Gnarly Parts today, and it seems small. Is this the right unit?
Just a gnarly little creek. Some of you might remember this creek from the B+, except it was uphill...and was on the other side of the fence...and was way easier to cross...

You shoulda seen this little creek crossing before Reid & I spent the better part of an hour clearing it out!


Sounds like it's the A then :rolleyes:. Hope to Pre ride the B route on Friday as a warm-up, if anyone wants to join me.