ADV Riding Training Options in BC?


Hi there I was riding past the Toad Rock Motorcycle Campground north of Belfor in the Kootenays last Saturday and I noticed there was a poster outside the entrance anouncing off road training by the "Off Road Training Association" or something like that. I did a google search but could not find anything.

I am interested in improving my off pavement riding skills and I don't want to travel to the Pacific Northwest to get some training so I was wondering if there is anything available in BC...?



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Don Hatton holds an adventure riding course. Not sure if he is all done for the year or not. I notice on his web site he needed to delay the course due to the dry conditions. I hear good things about the course.

Here is Don's web site, check the blog for adventure riding course details.

If you want to go *really* offroad stuff (e.g. enduro racing), Graham Jarvis is coming in Sept to the Island, might also be doing something on the mainland too.
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Hey DC, thanks a bunch I'll look Don up. Funny, I plan to purchase the UK Rally Raid stuff to make my CB500X into a proper light weight ADV bike and Don has the same company name....

Nope only dual sport for me I'm in the over 50 crowd now and not interested in rock n stump jumpin!