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Any experience with shipping companies?


New member
Hey folks~

Friends of mine are currently in the tail end of their ride from the PNW to the tip of South America, and are looking to get their bikes shipped up to Canada when they're done in a few weeks.

Has anyone ever had a bike shipped before? Any shipping companies you can recommend?

Thanks! :)



Active member
hopefully 04klr aka:wayne will chime in as he and 4 friends just did the same thing approx 2 yr's ago. I'm pretty sure they rode back up on the west coast of south america to a large port which i can't think of the name and shipped their bikes from their to vancouver.


New member
back in 2011 we used http://www.baselineforwarding.com/ to ship our 3 KLRs down to chile, valpariso. We assembled our bikes at the shipping yards that our bikes were stored at. At the time i think we paid around $800.00CAD each for a crate of a certain size (I'd have to look into my records). Then you got to pay some money to get it out of customs. We had a local hostel who deals with international motorcyclers deal with customs and arrange everything for us.

Enzo and Martina. Great to deal with.
Link: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=767643

Bikes made it in one piece and on schedule.


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yes we were assisted by Enzo and Martina who live in valipariso (and you can stay there as well, room only) The actual shipping takes place down the coast from there and Enzo took care of all the paperwork (for I think about 200 per person). We rode up to the shipping container and the rest was done by a crew of workers. By memory it cost 850 each to ship the 5 bikes back. The important thing (learned after the fact) is to ship to a company here NOT to one of the members of the group which creates a long wait and a large hassle. I see that this reply is very late and as such may well be moot, but ya never know.

Enzo has the boss man green hat on.


New member

The friends I posted for have made it home and their bikes have also been shipped. I'll try and find out who they went through and how much it cost, though I'm pretty sure they shipped it to the US since they're from the Seattle area.

Thanks everyone for their input, and I encourage others to post their experiences as well since riding outside of our local areas is gaining in popularity. :)


New member
I know about one shipping company. I used them to ship my bike inside Texas. My friend need help of my bike then i used Citizenshipper enclosed motorcycle shipping to get bike runners to complete my work.

Here is one important imp for you:
If there are any leaks in the bike, lay down a cloth to catch drips falling from the bike. It helps in soaking any toxic flume when kept in an enclosed place and saves the truck bed from getting strained.