any north islanders up for a ride sunday


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Hey looking for a ride sunday on or off road is cool with me I am plated but dont care where we go . Maybe Esso for 11 if that works for anyone interested? The 650 is looking to stretch its legs. I have the big tank on so I might even be talked into an earlier start and a longer run maybe san jo or raft cove


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Plated as well....funny I ve been plated for a while havent ridden hardly at aLL!!!!!!!!!...I may need to leave other family stuff is a happenin!!!..Paul.S


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what time? where at? and where to? I was thinking of going caving but a ride might be nice.

Island Hopper

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Quite a blustery day, my bike almost dumped over on the ferry crossing....

A few pics from the day....

Rupert Inlet above

These are pics of Maynard Lake earlier this year..

We were out on the lake bottom...

Here is the same area today....The lake bottom where we rode is about 200 meters in front of Paul..

It turns out that when they drained the lake the water pressure that held up the road was no more and it slipped towards the lake...

This crack has formed all the way along the lakeshore and now the road is condemned for industrial traffic, bikes are OK...


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Good ride today the new way to hardy was really fun and some neat views. And its always fun to do the alice lake loop. Nice to get out and get some riding done..