Anyone have spare room in truck or trailer?


Hey I know it's last minute but only found out now I can make it for ride. I can ride up but would rather be fresh for morning ride. Also looking for a couple B riders to ride with as I don't have a roll chart or gps. Thx all for reading and enjoy the ride I know it's going to be a blast.


Hey sorry didn't put in details I am in Port Coquitlam but can meet anywhere near by. Thx oh and willing to chip in on gas.


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There is room on the bus if you have a bike no larger than a klr650 with no bags or crash bars, lots of room for your gear

Will be leaving surrey 3pm friday (I dont like being late)

Must tolerate potty mouth (mixed with lies), beer, junk food, farting and general abuse.
If you think you can handle this you are more than welcome

Call or post here
Tom 604.724.2425