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Anyone know anything about Willow River?


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Thinking about making a trip to the outskirts of Prince George, is there anything interesting around the town of Willow River? I'm looking at the area to the west of the town, has any one been there?

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All I know about Willow River is that there's a general store there, some homes and lots of friendly folks. And the road to Willow River from Prince George is paved the whole way. Once you've toured Willow River, you can get back on the main road and continue through Giscome, past scenic Eaglet Lake, through Upper Fraser and to the end of the pavement where you can choose to either A) over the bridge and onto the North Fraser FSR to make a loop and come out on Highway 97 near Summit Lake or B) continue on the Bowron FSR to make a loop and come out on Highway 16 near Purden Lake. Both are scenic routes and both offer endless interesting side trips such as the trip to Penny that advtrider suggested. I don't know if fuel is available in Willow River or not. The gas station closed down about 5 years ago or so but there might be fuel available at the general store. There is definitely no fuel available at either Giscome or Upper Fraser as these towns are sort of ghost towns. There are a few other ghost towns and old logging camps out that way too (Newlands, McGregor, Hansard, etc) but none of them have fuel or anything like that. If you choose to go out onto Highway 16, there is fuel at the Purden Lake store.
Have fun.


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I was out that way today although I turned around at the river. Nice ride. there's some backpacking on Longworth (Longview?) that I wanted to do and I wanted to scout the area. It was a tad cold on the hands and after my Sunday ride out to Baldy Hughes I didn't care to freeze them again. Ill keep an eye open and hope my heated grips come in before too long ;)