Anyone riding Labour Day Long weekend....?


Hi there.

I'm doing a multi day ride out of PG for the long weekend. Have to get one more ride in before we freeze up (could be any day now based on how lousy the summer has been).

I put a few feelers out to the local PG group but every one else is booked. If the weather is going to be good on the coast I was thinking of either Bella Coola or Hyder AK (both ~700km from PG). If the weather is forecasted to be wet then I'm heading south to the canyon area and then east over to the OK. Don't have a formal route planned as of yet. I did the southern ride last labour day weekend and had a good time (PG to Lillooet, Duffy Lake Rd, Hurley Rd, Goldbridge, back to Lillooet, down to Merrit (HWY 8 ROCKS) over the KVR to Tulameen/Coalmont, north of Princeton over to Peachland then north back to PG).

I mostly do FSR's for dirt given my skills are weak on my Wee, I do like the twisties though and don't mind some long days in the saddle. I'll be packing my camping gear but am open to motelling it to extend the riding time each day. I'm chasing what's left of the summer so finding the warm sun is high on my list.

When I use to live in WL I'd bugger off south of the border in the Grand Coolee dam area and cruise back n forth just south of the border, great paved roads (was on a cruiser), limited traffic, cheap gas and "refreshments".

Let me know if you are interested.....