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Anyone wanna do a pre ride?


New member
I'm thinking of racing at the piston run but I wanna do a pre ride to get to know the corse. Anyone else that wants to do the same let me know. I'm free to ride this Friday May 30 or June 1st.
I don't know the corse layout I'm hoping its already marked...


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
The course won't be arrowed (partially) until mid-week; completed on the Saturday of race-weekend.
Obviously this is to discourage pre-running the course, which is just not very sportsmanlike...
Come out & help the guys with final preps this weekend; you'll get more out of it!


Administrator / BFF in the blue jacket
Chris will be out there by 9:30 Sunday.
Ray takes a little longer to get out there.
Send me an email & I'll forward it / get you connected...


New member
Interesting, didn't know preride was considered unsportsmanlike , I would have thought its welcomed to first off check the course is marked well enough and second to reduce bottle necks during the race.fwiw I was planning a preride with my son the day before, as we have never been to this race , so he is quite nervous


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
Here is a link to the PNWMA rules


Not sure what the rules are on pre riding, but I know as a course worker for many years that I dont appreciate guys riding the course while we are preparing it, arrows, face slappers, last minute maintenance etc. best way to get to know the course is to volunteer some time to the course prep. Usually the hardest places get the most attention. Best would be to check with the organisers.

Good luck with your race


New member
Thanks Mark I got Ray and Chris number from the gvmc website and got in contact with them. Gonna go help them out on Sunday.
Also for the pre ride I also didnt know it was unsportsmanlike... I know for the Squamish race they just recently had. They had the course all arrowed and marked a week before the event and there were tons of guys pre riding it b4 the event...