attn Loose Screw C riders, roll chart proving ride report here.


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You lucky Buggars. What a great ride. Trailmeister Stu has whupped a stellar ride for you all. A scenic mostly dirt track with a spot or two worthy of the "loose screw" namesake.
Departed at the crack of noon for an expected 4 hr ride time. Got home at 8. uh oh!
Here's a whack of pics. as I couldn't stop shooting. I challenge all C riders to see if they can get pics. of some of the features on the ride.
12pm plus 10 mins. time for a quick 5 pics. to stitch together.


where is this drain culvert dated 1938, and under a 100 foot tall hill?


one of the first big vistas.


where is this?



no, it isn't.



up on Campbell Range


this was the start of a planned large panorama until an equally large raindrop splat on the camera's face ruined it.


no it isn't #2.


the first wee challenge. ruts are deeper than they appear.


where are these signs that are clearly described on the roll chart? A turn which I missed then came back to. Thus starting a trend.


The roll chart states that this puddle may be deep. There is no may be about it.



Cactusreid and myself were discussing perhaps assembling a little "how to" tutorial on roll chart use which would include some handy tips.
For example. My trip meter so far was off by a fairly consistent .2 km. so I had begun to do the math in my head as to what the next expected chart mileage would read. I arrived at "5.8 turn right on small road." reading 6.0 I wrongly assumed the roll chart was off (by .2 km) and turned left according to the "6.0 left on george FSR". oops.

roll chart rule #1- trust the roll chart is right. my bad. my uh oh, VERY bad.
rule #2- tell someone where you are. whew. did that.
Do not be scared of the following pics. as you C riders should never be here. I sadly was.
after prodding with a stick the left side was chosen as "best".
Silly boy. In the revolution of a wheel length, I was way stuck.


the view looking over the port bow, an unfortunate 20 odd feet short of the far shore.


nice oozing slimy deep mud. While attempting to stand on the grease I gave the bike one good hard but useless tug. No surprise as after riding klRs for over 350,000 kms I knew it wasn't moving. Immediately I went into Survivorman mode, what would Les Shroud do? The biggest problem is the perhaps 80 foot long pool. Reassured that my buddy Reid would eventually come looking for me (though keep in mind I'm off course), I proceeded to deal with problem #1, the pool.


using my tree saw for a knife I carved a canal out the lower bank of the pool, then pulled the plug. Slathering myself with the mud and water as repellent against b-52 sized mozzies, I waited for the pool to drain and kept digging it deeper and wider.
Meant to catch the bike in this shot, you'll have to settle for it's reflection.


from a camera time stamp I found what I felt may have been hours? was in fact only 58 mins. Perhaps the Gazillions of mozzies made it seem like forever. The perhaps 80 foot pool was maybe 60 now and I could now see that I was in a deep straight rut. Probing found a solid base under the mud all the way to the, now at least 10 foot closer shore. Knowing that getting more stuck wouldn't worsen my situation, it was time.
Reaching underwater to the valve heaps of air was let out of the back tire, it couldn't hurt. Fired Rodney 4.0 up, clicked into gear walking while attempting to push and sawing the front tire thru the ooze, the klr v e r y slowly slithered thru to solid ground grinding rocks and grit in the near new chain the whole time.
The bike was way back there and entire foreground was under water before I pulled the plug. Lousy time for a tall 16 tooth counter shaft sprocket.


after following Sylvain's lead, I had just finished cleaning the spokes.


dripping off in clumps. Looking like a large chocolate covered dognut.


the wheel would've been in the water here.


enough of that fun, onward.
Sometimes the best way thru, is around. And sometimes that means up a hill covered in 3 feet of brush. but at least its clean and dry.


Keep in mind the previous few picks exist because I didn't trust (or actually read) the roll chart. None of it is on the track.

And back on track I was.



On Douglas Lake rd. headed towards Westwold, a scenic cool climate canyon to cruise along, great spot to be in the hot days of August while on the C loop.


wish this was in focus, shot over the shoulder, must have caught their attention as I went by.


There is great scenery throughout this ride and several spots that have good long valley views. (though this is a hill not a valley)


While there is really very little ashfalto over the entire ride, what there is, is way fun.



whoa! trippy


before falkland. looks better when you are there.



leading down towards the dump outside of falkland.


they say a man's home is his castle. In this case it really is. where is it?


fun flowey road down thru Pritchard


A well hung house.


Lower Duck Range rd.
a little dusty, a little silty, a little loose screwy.


entering the artsy fartsy part of the show.


Lower duck range looking towards the Loops.


these last two bigun's are nearby, but not on the "C" Loop.


East Shuswap Rd.


Thanks to Stu, we have a glimpse into the 2017 Loose Screw "C" Loop.

Wanting to redeem myself, and get a more accurate read on the chart mileages (after a speedo recalibration), the Loop was ridden two days in a row, the second time with no wrong turns.
Not such a terrible obligation as it is a fantastic ride. While my first 8 hr ride was silly, suffice to say that the 2nd ride was "substantially" quicker. Neil would've called it a "sporting" pace.

An estimate of expected time for the loop for most people would be, including a lunch stop in falkland to be in the range of 6 hours at closing in on 200km.

thx fer lookin. wayne.
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Those pictures make me want to get tires on the strom and ride the c this year. Thanks for reving up and testing the waters for us!


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Those pictures make me want to get tires on the strom and ride the c this year. Thanks for reving up and testing the waters for us!
I could be convinced.....the c+ could be previous or following day.


Great report as usual Wayne! Reid and I saw the castle house 2 weeks ago. It's pretty impressive!


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thx all. really a fun scenic ride, kids of all ages would love it.just don't bury your bike in mud, as I've got some crazy bug bites.edit. I should add that we're barely mid June and it was dripping with sweat hot and muggy while maintaining the canal, just like in Panama. I had. Be sure to take. Plenty of water!
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That was a great read! Not sure how I missed that one when you originally posted but thanks Wayne... I enjoyed the pictures and the story of the 8hr adventure! Looking forward to being there in August! Saw our names on the list now so we are in!!Randual