ATV Training required or Nature at work?


I am convinced that the drivers along Harrison west are all blind and drunk...and ignorant.
Got sprayed with rocks by one..........same thing as you, around a blind corner............met two head-on, racing side by side...........I tell you, the things you see when you don't have a grenade!

Maybe there is something about being on 4 wheels that makes people stupid?


Just one? I've had near head - ons with dirt bikes out of control on corners as well. But 4 wheelers seem to be in a league of their own. One more reason to ride in the interior.


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Just for those who think ORV deaths are out of control. This accident happened some 6000 kms from Vancouver. in New Brunswick. That is going a long way out to find a negative story on ATVs. All ORVs (including Dual Sports) have a certain level of danger and I think we all acknowledge this fact. Of course news only picks up on the really stupid riders or really unlucky ones. At least the cops gave a honest response at the end “It’s like any motor vehicle — when a motorist gets on any vehicle of any type you always have to be careful of speed, alcohol, and respecting the roadway,” Jolette said Tuesday. “I couldn’t give you an exact answer as to why, but it’s an unfortunate thing that happens.”