Aug. 27-29 Dual Sport GPS ride around the Olympics



May's ride was such a good time, we're gonna do it again!! If you've got a GPS on your bike, join us for a 3 day tour on logging roads around the Olympic mountain range of Washington state. Rain or shine, but could it possibly rain in August?

For more info, go to and click on the "Upcoming Rides" link and follow links for Funride and Campout.

Hope a few of you can make it this time, including you, Tom!!



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Baja Dave

I gotta get a bigger bike:pHoping for a new bike for Christmas, if I am good:D

Sorry man my plate is full until next year (I am so lucky with all these rides). My entire August and September is booked, then I have to get ready for Baja. I have only ridden the back roads of the Peninsula once and always wanted to get back. Your ride will go on my calendar for next year, just tell me the date.

BTW you will have to teach me how to use may GPS, I think it is the coolest thing but too lazy to read the instructions.

Have Fun Guys