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Good to hear. Tell them to pin it,as they got a team of grandpa's hot on their heels! Al perrett/bill nichols are about 40 miles behind them-best guess.


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"308x crosses the finish this afternoon 12:28 , over 24 hours of riding and they fought their way to the finish "

Congratulation Duncan Motorsports Team!!!!!
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Good to hear. Tell them to pin it,as they got a team of grandpa's hot on their heels! Al perrett/bill nichols are about 40 miles behind them-best guess.

I recal bumpin bars with Al at the loose screw this year. Nothin like doing a extra loop of the tower cuz your too busy racein and havin a good time. Gotta love those seniors!!!


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I am now resting in La Paz Mexico
I am excited to post we have not only finished the Baja 1000 but we have done our country proud, we were entered in 30 Pro, riding against some very fast factory riders, we have not received the official standings from score but gossip is that we are in the top five in this category.
Our team did a really professional job, we faced all sorts of critism from the veteran teams particularly the pro teams. I don't beleive they were trying to offend us more like they were attempting to lower our expectations, by informing us that we would be lucky to finish with our limited Baja experience, that Husaberg was not proven, that Husaberg had never finished the race.
What they under estimated was that Bernie Bret and Myself have a lot of experience racing at this level, and our riders were very talented all of our riders had the drive to bring the bike home no matter what adversity they faced.
Believe me we faced adversity during the race, Paul hit a rock so hard he cut the Bib mousse in half and almost drove the cross bar and his teeth down his throat, at the San Felipe pits the Mexican poured gas all over him then proceed to steal his gloves and goggles while attempting to wipe the fuel off him,they then proceeded to pour water on Paul and the bike in an attempt to dilute the fuel they spilled they poured so much water on him they drowned the bike and it stalled.

We had limited communication with our riders during portions of the race, Marc who got on the bike at Cocos did not know we had changed from KTM pits to Baja Pits during his stage, when he pulled into the first fuel stop the KTM guys would not fuel him up, not to be deterred he threatened great bodily harm if they did not fuel him up, once they realized that this crazy canuck would actually have killed them for fuel they relented and fueled him up.
Nick rode his entire section in the Dark and had an off in a silt bed right in front of Robbie Gordon talk about terrifying, the crash resulted in a badly bruised and injured leg,he pushed on for over 100 miles in great pain, in fact when he arrived at the exchange point his leg was to sore to support the bike we had to grab it from him.
The first 150 miles of my stage was in fog so thick you could not see beyond the front fender of the bike, adding to it was that is was dark and the twin 8" inch hid lights compunded the problem. In fact factory Honda rider Kendall Norman was quoted as saying these were the worst conditions he had ever ridden in. I had to ride 150 miles without my goggles because the fog just covered them in water.
In addition to all of the above, the legends are true the Mexicans do build traps on the course and move the marker signs, I almost bit it on one big trap they had dug, they were all standing there with cameras and encouraging me to go fast waiting for the big crash.I did not crash thankfully , but I did jump of my bike and start screaming unprintable obsenities at the mexicans, although pointless because they had no idea what i was saying ,it did make me feel better.

Our riders Paul Nick Marc and Myself, along with our support team and mechanics, John, Bernie, Bret, Nathan,Kevan just stuck to our plan, we new we had built a great race bike although at the time none of us had ever ridden the bike. The bike was incredible, the Husaberg 570 was one of the best bikes I have ever ridden, it pulled so strong it made riding the sand so much easier.The bike handled very well, we certainly did not give anything up to the other teams when it came to ur bike.

The factory teams really took notice of us at Cocos , this is where Paul handed the bike to Marc at that point we were in third spot ahead of a couple of the factory teams.
We pretty much held that position for the rest of the ride, we will know more in about two weeks when the official results are released.

Bret one of our team members, also works for many of the top race teams including the factory Kawasaki WORCS team, he called me this morning to say that he had received several telephone calls from his buddies to say how impressed they were with this Canadian teams performance.

We are very proud of our finish.


Thanks for the update Don,
Looking forward to the stories when you get back.