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Heading down to the baja for 10 days of February fun in the sun. I’ve been all the way down the Baja before but was a pass through type ride on our way down south. This trip will be way more off-road oriented as I’ve got way more dirt experience and will be on my trusty klx250.

Saw the post about no wimps tour and seems like guys are willing to share there pics, stories and tales from Mexico.

So, any got any good trails? GPX files? Can’t miss things you’d be willing to share?

We’ve don’t have huge fuel range 200kms but super keen to get out there and explore. Also have the equivalent of BackRoads Mapbook ordered.

I remember battling deep sand to get out to San Fransicito, camping on a beach and eating huevos lagostino (lobster omelettes) that were caught that very morning. We saw the cook trade a couple cans of pop and chips to the fishermen (8-10 year old kids) for the lobsters/crayfish.

Needless to say pretty pumped on the trip and getting some spare parts lined up.

Thanks for any tips / ideas



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Your post and my recent trip over the US border has me thinking about Baja again. My last trip was thwarted due to of all things a failed CDI, who friggin plans for that???

Anyways when we go south we cross into Tecate, Baja and leaves the trucks at secure storage for like $10 a day in Tecate, Cali. I like to skip the whole Tijuana/Ensenada area and go straight into the trails along the Sierra's. From there you can be in San Felipe on the gulf or south around Coyote Cal's on the Pacific in one not too long day.

Can you spot the bike hidden in the cactus dessert after spending hours diagnosing the CDI failure? After a few km hike I got a ride from some kind locals in the back of the farm truck on one of the roughest steepest curviest roads around, would have been a blast on the bike. I added some typical pics, San Felipe area, Baja gas station, a favorite shady rock formation.

Have a blast, I am thinking of heading south again in March lol.


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How much time away would you allow for that Russ?
It's a 24 hour Truck trip from here to San Diego or Tecate, Cal. I do it in two or you can team drive it in one day. You need a day to Dan Felipe and then a day San Felipe to Bahía de los Ángeles. So on dirt it's a week down and a week back.


I was given these back in 2013 when I did my 1st trip. Used a couple of them.
Crossed my first time at Tecate, I stored my truck in San Diego that time and rode all the way to Cabo.

2nd time I crossed at Mexicali storied truck at friends place in Palm Desert and made it as far as Mulega.
Spent couple days at San Ignacio and rode out to do the whale watching in the Lagoon which was a major highlight petting baby Grey whales

Tecate is much nicer and easier to cross at.
You'll love it, the people are so friendly. Have fun be safe.
Getting closer for me to make another trip that way.


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