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Minutes from 2014 BCORMA AGM, OK Falls, BC, Saturday May 31,
Attendees: Ken McClelland (GKMA, BCORMA President), Peter Sprague (BCORMA
Executive Director), Mike Fetterer (SODBC & AGM host), Gord Weisheit (PORC), Peter &
Wendy Johannsen (PORC), Andy Robar (PORC), Miko Grady (SODBC), Andy James (VIDRA,
VMC), David Lock (CORMC, BCORMA Secretary), Terry Burke (OTRA), Brian & Carol Knott
(FVDRA), Wally & Marg Klammer (GVMC), Florian Schott (Revy Riders), Ed Alder (SDBA)
1. Welcome
2. President's address:
For 2014/2015 Ken wants to:
· improve BCORMA’s communication
· develop a Governance Model.
He also advised he would run for BCORMA President in the election held today.
3. Executive Director's address
3.1 MSF Riding Schools – Level I & II clinics are being held in 2014 in the Okanagan
and on the Coast. We had a good interest at the MC Shows, and will continue this focus
at the next shows. Honda stepped up in the Okanagan supplying the school with Honda
bikes. Mike Muller at Popkum Motor Park is interested in partnering in MSF. BCORMA
makes $50 per student enrolled. Popkum wants their own MSF trained instructors.
3.2 ORV licensing & registration – see 11. Saturday Round Table discussion
3.3 NRRA (Natural Resources Road Act) - see 11. Round Table discussion
3.4 Sub-Alpine Travel Restrictions – province is proposing to require >5700 ft
(1700m) recreational on “non-vegatation” “current” tracks only.
3.5 ORV Road Crossings – insurance requirement
3.6 NOHVCC Conference Montana August 19-23 (ride days Aug 17 & 18)
· MCC/COHV up to $2000 available
· Some BCORMA monies also available
· Clubs need to help fund travel also
· Need to recruit volunteers & attendee list
3.7 Wells Gray/Trans-Provincial trail network – already to PG, stewarded by ATVBC
4. Treasurer's Report (Wally Klammer)
4.1. Review of January 31, 2014 (BCORMA year end) Financial Statements
· Terry B. asked for a simple summary “blurb” on major expenses/income.
· $28,000.00 Trail Pass revenue for 2013
· KTM donated $2,000 via their Support Program, Insurance Recovery brought
in $9,283, plus the COHV support grant of $36,000.
· Total income for 2013: $81,060.00
· $46,700 ED wages for 2013 (was $68,000 for 2012)
· BCORMA had a net surplus of $4,420.00 as of Jan 31 2014.
For January 31, 2014 to date
· Bear Creek had two MSF schools (profits not accounted for yet in BCORMA
· Trail Pass sales surpassing 170 Platinum Insured
· All clubs participating in the 3rd Party (CGL) Trails Liability Program have paid
except Merritt Dirt Riders (note: also owe BCORMA dues first).
· Oasis offers CGL based on # riders in each club.
· Peter asked Keith @ Oasis for overall insurance policy review to distribute to
club Directors for review.
· BCORMA has Directors & Officers Liability (D&O), $275 for optional Club D&O
Liability available.
· As of May 20, BCORMA has $52,000.00 bank balance. Note: This does NOT
include the Barry Groundwater Trail Access Fund of $25,000.00
· New revenue for 2014: 284 TPs sold so far this year. (for 2013 571 Bronze &
124 Platinum TPs total were sold).
· Wally advised these estimates were based on a “low estimate budget”.
· Motion to Accept by David, 2nd by Terry. Passed.
5. Old Business
5.1. Acceptance of previous AGM minutes – motion by Brian, 2nd by Ed to accept.
5.2. Other – no other old business.
6. Elections of BCORMA Officers for 2014
6.1. Nominations for Officers:
· President – Ken McClelland will continue for 2nd year.
· Vice-President – Tom A. advised he would continue as VP.
· Secretary – David advised he would run.
· Treasurer – Wally will continue for now, David will take over as Treasurer also
if required in the future, provided a BCORMA Bookkeeper is hired. (Note:
since the AGM Wally advised he has to step down as of July 31, David will
take over as of Aug 1).
· Note: need new Trail Pass Adminstrator as Wally & Marg need to step down
from running the TP program. Special thanks from everyone for their hard
work and good job running the program over the past two years.
6.2. Voting if required – All by acclamation.
Note: need more Directors to step up to volunteer in Executive positions in
6.3. Welcoming of 2014 Officers
7. President's address New & Past
7.1. Developing our Vision for 2014 – 2015 – group discussion
o Andy: role for BCORMA to be “answer provider” to disseminate accurate
information to member clubs & TP holders.
o Marg: Information written on manual TP applications sometimes illegible, can
read email addresses etc. Need to collect accurate information to ensure all TP
Holders receive BCORMA updates. Website data entry best for accurate &
immediate information collection. Written applications delay data entry also.
o David: need to sign up “no email” people with smart phone at event site.
o Peter J: PORC trying to recruit more PORC members, need Section 56 coaching.
o Ken: BC Power Sports Coalition (BCPSC) working with Presidents & EDs in
provincial ATV & sled associations & groups to strengthen our voice with
o Peter J/Ken: meet with local MLAs & MPs to discuss recreational riding issues &
keeping trail networks open.
o Andy: VIDRA (Van Isld Dirt Riders Assn) members want BCORMA to fight against
“poor & stifling government bureaucracy & legislation”.
o Ed: need to improve communication, Q&A with members, define &
communicate BCORMA values, bringing the message home to the TP holders.
o Peter J: need to raise awareness of BCORMA.
8. New Business – to be discussed at Round Table
9. Close of 2014 AGM
11. Saturday Round Table
***Note: these notes are not to be distributed outside the BCORMA
Directors, as these discussions with Government are ongoing & confidentiality
is required.
11.1. Registration and Licensing Program for BC (Ken M. and Peter S)
· Passed by BC Legislature in Spring 2014
· The Owner must prove they paid taxes when they purchased the vehicle.
· Taxes due on used bikes is still being negotiated. BCORMA has asked for
allowance to be made for bikes purchased used by a certain date. Likely to
be set by Government to something close to when original ORV Framework
discussions were started.
· “One Time Ownership Registration Fee” (estimated around $50).
· Registration decals were proposed by for DBs & sleds, plates for ATVs. Gov’t
wants plates on all vehicles. Current thinking is that plates will be mounted
appropriate to vehicle type.
· Vanity plates – Peter requested to allow riders use of non-metal plates. No
uptake from Government for now.
· There is currently no Conservation & Enforcement additional budgeted
BCORMA is examining Safety Regulations that:
· Are no nonsense
· Focused on youth safety
Specific ideas include:
· 1. License plate up front on # plate.
· 2. Helmet regulations (i.e. DOT approved)
· 3. Headlight/bicycle style light/rear LED required for riding after dark.
· Focus on youth & kids safety: 1. Supervision by parents/guardians, 2.
Requirement that both feet (toes) must touch ground.
· No riders under age 6 on Crown Land.
· Riders under 16 years old must be supervised on general trail riding, parents
can sign off if “experienced” trail rider.
· Organized events get exemption.
· Peter will publish link to ORV Framework on BCORMA website.
· Club members can call Peter directly for information.
· Once ORV Legislation is completed, we need to inform TP Holders where we
started, and what we got accomplished.
11.2. Future BCORMA communications
· BCORMA email out to Directors with current BCORMA news
· Use Facebook to better reach riders
· FVDRA is now a “closed membership” on Facebook, with over 1000+ members.
· Ken: need to reach 1982+ “Millenials”, who don’t answer the phone or emails, but
are connected via social media (Twitter, Facebook, texts).
· Can invite to Facebook Events
· Can pay $8/day to “boost posts”.
· Peter S: the question is “What is our Product, and what are the tools we need to
get there?”
11.3. Discussion of BCORMA position to articulate to staff, Ministers and the public
o Develop the “Theme” of position discussion when clubs discuss issues with MLAs,
Rec Officers, etc.
o NRRA (Natural Resource Road Act) update: companies want to close roads to
eliminate future liabilities & maintenance costs, so clubs will have to sign
stewardship agreements to keep road accesses open.
11.4. How to best communicate the Value of the Trail Pass to BCORMA TP Holders
· Can have “peace-of-mind” knowing your riding area is established & protected.
· Designated provincial trail networks.
· Trails are well marked & mapped.
· Ongoing funding available for trail maintenance & to establish permanent
· Legitimizes club activities on Crown Land.
Sunday afternoon Round Table discussion (notes from Ken Mc.):
 BC Power Sports Coalition (BCPSC)
Had a free-wheeling and informative discussion reformation of the BC Power Sports
Coalition (BCPSC), which is a Back Country Motorized Coalition (partnership between
BCORMA, ATVBC , BCSF & ABC Snowmobile Assn), which happened in late January/early
February. It was somewhat in response to the fact that there was about $25,000 in
project funding available to motorized, so with BCORMA leading, we partnered with the
other two motorized disciplines (snow and ATV) to hire a consultant (Lori Zacaruk of
Black Diamond Alberta) to construct an outreach program that would involve touring
schools throughout the Province with the express aim of introducing students to
motorized off-road recreation. Lori has performed this type of work in Alberta with
excellent success. Construction of the program is complete, with a couple of options
available (full-on and scaled down) and we are waiting on available funding for
Other items discussed were:
1.)Making sure we take full advantage of commonalities of land use and advocacy
among the power-sport groups. Non-motorized have presented a strong lobby to
government for some time now, and are good at it. Motorized groups are a little
behind the curve as far as speaking with one voice goes, but we are coming up
rapidly. A great recent example is Tom Timmerman and DualSport BC are working
with other groups to attain funding for a staging area at Tamahi, and have so far
cobbled together about $200k. Tom has may have been somewhat suspect of the
Coalition and its purpose, but has certainly entered into the spirit of it, perhaps
without realizing that is what we are trying to achieve.
2.) It was stressed that the Coalition work is in addition to, not instead of, the dirtbiking
advocacy work that remains as our core mandate.
3.) The importance of getting proper permits/paperwork etc. in place for establishing
trail networks. The old maxim of forgiveness being easier to obtain than permission
no longer applies. I thought Terry Burke made a very good point Saturday when he
suggested we refer to our riding areas as Trail Networks rather than riding areas.
May be semantics to us, but the message sent is that we stay on established trails,
and don’t just go ripping and tearing wherever we feel like it.