BCORMA The National Trails Coalition (NTC) Trail Funding for 2014-15


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Even in the midst of Registration and Licensing there is still work going on to create a better environment for our sport. Earlier this year the NTC announced there would be a new round of funding for Trails. For BC this meant approximately 400k in matching funds for Trail Projects. One of the criteria for this funding is that the applicant be a member of the recognised provincial federation, for BC that would be BCORMA or ATVBC.

For complete details on the NTC funding and other NTC stuff go to

BCORMA has forwarded quite a ambitious plan totaling over 650K
You can find more information on BCORMAs plan at this link
Presently (July 28 2014) everything is at the proposal stage, we can only hope they keep their site updated.

If you go to the BCORMA site you will notice that DSBCs Tamihi Project is not listed
DSBC is again going to partner up with the Right Nuts ATV for the Tamihi Kids Trails Project. This project is for both Motorcycles and Quads and did not fit well within the BCORMA proposal format. However we have asked BCORMA for a letter of support to help us in getting this project approved, having approval of both provincial federations will certainly help move this kids riding area project up the ladder.

Once the final project description is available we will be posting here.

If anyone has questions I will happily try and answer.



Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
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Tamihi Kids Trails Funding Proposal

Tamihi Kids Trails Funding Proposal

The proposal the the Right Nuts ATV and DSBC have submitted is basically for a kids/beginners training / educational loop for Quads and Dirt Bikes, of approximately 2.8kms located at Tamihi Staging Area.

It hard for myself (and I am sure for other volunteers) to be sure we are doing the right thing. We get little if any feedback for the many projects we take on. As a rule of thumb I use the "what makes me happy, will make others happy". Its a pretty general rule. Everyones input (good or bad) is important to us. sometimes it seems like we don't listen but I assure you we do and discuss many comments amongst ourselves. So please if you have something to add, go ahead, whats the worst that could happen?

Anyhow for those of you that are curious about the procedures to get some of these projects off the ground, and all the preliminary work that goes on before a shovel hits the ground......read on.

I have also added a organisation flow chart as many of you ask whos who when it concerns the off road community (this is how I remember it so there might be some errors but I will update)