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So recently i was advised that my 2012 Beta 350RR needs the valves checked, and shimmed appropriately. But being that i have no idea where to begin is there anyone out there that could help me out theirs a big case of beer of your choice in it for you;). The bike has just over 100hrs and never been checked yet but still runs well, although the starter seems to be giving me trouble (i have to roll the bike forwards and backwards to get it to kick in) it always starts i just have to kick it over. Id prefer someone with previous beta experience or a true motorcycle mechanic to help out, and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm in for the beer, i will share it with Bob. we did mine this weekend was .020 off on the intake.


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I can host but when is a good day for you? I get off at 3:00pm in Langley and could be home by 3:30 ready to go. I could have the bike already striped down to the head the day before. But what parts do I need to order? Should I buy the shim pack before, and should I get a new spark plug while were at it?
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I asked this before but it never got posted, does anyone know if you can use shims from another manufacturer other than Beta? I thought I saw something posted about shims from H-D working but dont know if it was true or not. I am a new Beta owner and just looking for info.



I don't know if you found the answer yet, but when I had a DRZ and had to use shims to set the valves there were two different sizes of shims that covered most if not all the bikes. Unless Beta went with something different, which I doubt, you should be able to use whichever one of these shim sizes you need.