Big Thanks Fall Noob Ride 2014

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Just wanted to say....Thank you so much

Had a great ride today, so much fun!!!!
Tom, Sharon, Judy, John, and the whole rest of the posse

You folk really know how to put on a GREAT event...Huge turn out, breakfast and lunch for pennies

Also thanks to Holeshot and Gnarley for prizes

Another Big Thanks for a great day with my "Long time" ( not "Old" but "Long Time") riding friends. Thank you to the organizers, volunteers and the sponsors for a good time. :clap:

Will see you all at the bike show in January...


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Yes awesome ride today. Great turnout I hope all the people new to the area had fun. 2 laps of the A route has forced me to spend the evening watch TV. Big thanks to DSBC and the volunteers who keep this event alive
Sounds like it was a great time .

wish I could have made it , but I suffered a second degree tear of my MCL , left knee , last Monday ( 13th .... Coincidence ? I think not ) .

i made all the preparations to my bike and kit last night , set the alarm for 5.00 am and went to bed with all intentions of hooking up with the crew at the chevron .

When I woke up and checked the forecast , it appeared there was a pretty good chance I'd be doing the return trip in ( heavy ) rain , so I looked at the bigger picture and decided to pass on the ride this year .

my physio had nixed the ride , so maybe I am getting getting a little smarter as I get older . It crushed me to miss this ride .... I'd been looking forward to meeting you all and doing a big ride on this bike I'd been prepping since I got it .


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Great ride today DSBC. Thanks much for a great event! The work that went to Parish Hill is amazing. What a huge undertaking for all involved. Thank you for building good, quality singletrack to expand the trail system of the lower mainland AND inviting us to come play on it!

:clap: :clap:


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I've never ridden anything except A and B loops - this nubiie I rode the C route twice and it was awesome!! Great fun and the scavenger hunt looked like a neat addition to the ride. Thanks to everyone for another great event.


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I'll echo those thanks, to Judy, all the organizers I didn't meet, and Bill- our trip leader for the C-Track. This was basically my second-ish day out playing in the dirt and the route couldn't have been better.


Thanks to all the DSBC people, paramedics, search and rescue who helped out with my buddy who went down today. He's doing OK, but in a bit of discomfort. He'll be spending the night in Chilliwack Hospital. His knee was dislocated and looks like there is going to be surgery for multiple ligament damage.



Hats off to all the organizers once again! Your endless contribution id greatly appreciated! What a great day, DSBC Rocks!

We road the OW route (offworlder) which was a blast. Thanks Mark for your tour guide skills.

Lets hope this fine weather holds for a while.

See you in the Spring.


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Once again, you surpass yourselves.... awesome day, and I cannot say enough about what you guys did with the weather.... nice work!! see you all in the spring.
First time out, and I was astounded at the amount of effort put into the trail system and the organization of the event. Had a great day on B thanks to Woofer2609. Very welcoming community here.


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Yes, a great time for sure!!

A big thanks to all the experienced riders that kept directing me onto the correct trail...LOL
An absolutely awesome day!

An absolutely awesome day!

Huge thanks to Tom, Judy, et al - was the best one yet! :clap::clap::clap:

The nav element COMPLETELY added to the enjoyment for me - with one small typo (a left instead of a right, but the symbols were correct, so no issue) - the roll chart was perfect, with variance rarely more than hundredths of a km. Bravo.

Thanks to Steve (Twisted Hog) for accepting my invite - might have been his first DSBC ride, but he is no newb, that's for sure! That lovely pristine 990 has now been suitably dirtied up. Thanks for following my slow-ass pace and for correcting a couple of my nav booboos. Here's to you buddy ...

Man, 120-odd days 'till the March 2015 ride, how am I gonna cope ....:eek:

thanks again,


ps - I hope buddy on the yellow KLR with the broken clutch cable made it home ok .... sorry we couldn't do more for you ...


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Thanks to all for putting this event on!
Caribooster and I did the C route..........would have preffered less pavement, but we chose the C route as two old, short guys on 640's don't like to get stuck on these things!

We missed a couple of the clues.......and sometimes the "chirp" on my GPS did not pick up the clue quickly............the roll chart sheet was spot on!

No incidents until Caribooster dropped "MY" bike in the middle of Fort Langley...........He was just asking me if I wanted to go to the pub.............then he ran into me and fell over!

Thanks once again to all who made this event possible.



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though not present for the event I'd also like to say thanks for the uncountable number of man-hours put into the building of the trails which will be enjoyed for years to come and the overall organizing of the event.

thanks for the huge successful group effort!


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This event just keeps getting better and better. Many thanks to all those who put in so much time and effort for our enjoyment and for having the foresight to schedule it on a day that was perfect for riding. I had a great time on the C route. Judy, the scavenger hunt format was brilliant; I'm looking forward to more of the same. Here are a couple of photos Old Phart (Gordon) sent me. The first is a birds eye view of the staging area:

And the 2nd is the entire C route as shown in Google Earth:

Once again, thanks to Tom, Judy, Mark, Neil, and all the volunteers who put in so much time and effort building trails and organizing this event. Kudos to you all!!!!