Big thanks to all the DSBC volunteers at the show


I'm a DSBC sponsor. Please thank me with your busi
That was very over welming the amount of support by all you guys. Especially Judy and her husband who started carting over logs and posts before the show even started.

Tom did a great job driving around the forklift as well as Ted Blow.

I can't remeber everyones names but anyone who received a Hoodie thank you very much. You guys/gals are great.


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Thank You Bill and your 5th Gear Team :tup::tup:Great Show

You guys are great supporters of the sport and I was glad I could help out. Thanks for allowingDualSportBC to hang our banner at your display. I cant speak for the others but I am sure all theDSBC Team had a good time, it was fun being involved in a important part of the show.

I will also putin a special Thanks to JavaJude for all the work she did with you and DSBCto make this a very successful event.

Job Well Done

Tom Timmerman