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To all the Kamloops crew for organizing such a great ride. The ride was spectacular and the evening social time was fantastic.


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Many thanks to the organizers, volunteers and sponsors for putting on such a great event. Had a great time :clap:.
Cheers, Alex.


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Totally agree..awesome event, well organised, great fun, and yes I'm more than a little sore :)..Big thanks to all the guys!!


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I'm bummed an electrically problem kept me from riding the A on Saturday as planned, but I did get to ride a lot of the B and C+ on Friday, and some more of the B on Sunday, and I have to say, from what I rode that was the most fun routes you guys have set to date. Awesome pristine tight single track, great viewpoints, and always fun to play the rollchart game. Great event, I'll be searching online for the registration form for 2016 come next Feb!



I'm super chuffed because this is the first year I've actually finished a route. First time was a riding partner's Honda break-down (pffft Hondas), and last year there was an injury causing one of the party out, and then we got lost on the last section, so we called it. This years A route was Spectacular! The singletrack was stellar, even though for a brief while I ran out of steam. Thanks again guys for making it another awesome year! Nice seeing everyone else out there having a blast as well. I can't believe I questioned coming out this year!
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Huge thanks to the organizers, volunteers, trail builders, and route planners.
Also to the 7 riders that I rode the C+ route with, you all made it a great day.
Sorry I couldn't stay in the evening to socialize.


While its hard to fathom how much hard work it takes to make this quality of even happen - you guys made it look easy (to the ignorant at least) !
Much thanks for another herculean effort, bringing the community together and sharing the bounty of Loopy trails ! :clap:


Thanks to everyone involved in putting together this fantastic event.

It was my 1st Loose Screw and I had a blast on the C+.



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I'll add my thanks to the list. That was a great weekend and some awesome riding for sure. I'm happy that I was able to finish the B-Loop, so that next year I won't be worried about finishing and can drink my face off in the evenings and have a good lunch at the pub and not worry about finishing!


Thanks to the evil masterminds who developed the bike bashing and bone shattering routes. Thanks to all those who picked my bike up for me multiple times. Thanks to the cooks and food servers, I really needed those calories back :)


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I'll second that enormous thanks both from the Group of 8 for the stellar event (I'll definitely be back!), and to the group of 8 for taking me along for the ride, despite the fact that I'd loaded the C route in the holder. Much obliged!


Thank You to all of the Loose Screw crew. This was the most fun I've had in years, possibly ever. A special shout out to my group: gifted navigator Scott, peerless leader Offworlder, and the fearless and very talented Curse; Big balls to take a 690 on the B, even bigger talent to make it look so easy. Thank you all!

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I'm going to add my thanks to everyone involved as well. I so enjoy helping to do my small parts in this great big show. There are an incredible group of people that make this happen for everyone's enjoyment, year after year! even the past head honchos and original developers of this ride,manage to sneak out of the house, under the cover of darkness i can only assume , just to go out and hang flags whenever they can! And by the way next year will be the 10th annual , as long as the stars keep lining up for us! I'm back in as a volunteer for sure! we could use a few (possibly many)more bodies to step up and carry and build a small piece of this great big puzzle that is the loose screw, so if you've never been coerced, run like a rented mule, and conned into unreasonable duties with a limited amount of resource's and time constraints to completion, here is your chance to join in on the fun of helping!
Look us up, we really do have a lot of fun, putting the loose screw together every year, but help is always appreciated.
Bora and dorky are probably your best contact people, or pm me if your thinking of getting on board even in a small way, as even a small bit is a big help.
That's the great part about being a volunteer, no one can rightfully holler at you, and you can do just as much as you can put in, and everyone will pat you on the back and say thanks a lot.
I also have to say that I have been blown away by what the sponsors have been putting in for prizes the last few years as well, so please everyone that attended the loose screw, go back to the sponsor's page and refresh yourself with the people and busines's that helped put the icing on the cake at this years event, and support them when it's time to buy some of the stuff that we all buy throughout the year that we all need to enjoy our sport. I looked closely, and i did not see any prize big or small, from the super stores and fleabay types in our world?
summing things up, it;s always very nice to hear from people that enjoyed the ride and the whole event weekend. Please let us know if there is anything that was not up to what you expected, and we will try to fix/change it for the better/ with your help as a volunteer of course.




Thanks to the LS team for the great organization, trails, food, location and camaraderie.
Lots of firsts on my second Loose Screw -- which started off with a windstorm as we arrived Thursday. We helped Wayne tie down the canopy shelters but couldn't save the two biggest ones as the wind flipped them and turned the metal frames into bent scrap. Magically 3 new canopies arrived as if it was all planned.

Last year I took the first out on the C+ after a couple of crashes in the C++ section. This year on Friday my brother (DRZ400) and I (DR650) ran the B to Falkland with a couple of his work colleagues (thanks Mike for helping me pick up the DR). Saturday with 2 other guys (DR650 & KLR) we finished the C+ and were back in camp by 5pm. Great views in Section 16! Did someone really pre-ride the C+ THIS YEAR on a 990? The Section 17 Quad Track at 13.8k? Kudos to them - I clutched it down that "go slow big bumps" hill. Great views from the multi-use trail in Section 19 down to Chase too.

Met a lot of DSBC posters and traded stories. Incroyable that Sylvian was not modelling a banana hammock at the river. Now that I've figured how to stuff the DR in a truck and use a Montana GPS, I'll can volunteer to help pre-ride the C and C+ routes for 2016.


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I'll add my thanks to the list. That was a great weekend and some awesome riding for sure. I'm happy that I was able to finish the B-Loop, so that next year I won't be worried about finishing and can drink my face off in the evenings and have a good lunch at the pub and not worry about finishing!

Now we have done the B loop Dave don't we need to do the A loop next year? Not that I'm trying to stop you "drinking your face off" :)


The C+ was pre-ridden on what might possibly be the hottest day we had. Our two volunteers rode a 950ADV and a 990ADV on the C+ from the start to Chase, where they bailed. They are also the loons that created the C loop for all of you. The ironman loop doesn't take them long and they have been know to cruise along at 110 km/h on fire roads.

They have also been know to lay out some A route from time to time :)

I believe 2 people rode the A loop on their 990s this year. Radek and Vasile. They are fun to follow and watch :)


Thanks, as above... Kamloops Loose Screw Crew, Sponsors, and Volunteers who put in an outstanding effort to make sure all that came, had a great time!
Our group had a super time and are already talking about next year and who else to invite!
Thanks Again...


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I have procrastinated long enough with my thanks. Thanks to everyone who took time out to help with putting on this event!! I really would like to thank Gord, Chris, and Tom for the tour on Friday checking the A+B routes for flagging. And of course the special "work in progress" trails I had a blast, then to do it all over again on Saturday morning. Our Gps says we covered 170kms in 7 1/2 hours of single track and sections in between Saturday. The "waterfall section" and especially the steep "sidehill trail down into the tree at the bottom" had me yelling Woohoo in my helmet all day. The bike is now washed and cleaned, with a new tire installed ready for next year. Again it was an awesome event. Thanks!!