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I showered with mine to save water :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the awesome ride, will be back next year with a few more riders for sure. We did the B+ with a few excursions to the A, loads of fun. If I lived closer, I'd definitely be signing up to help, maybe when I retire.................

Two quick suggestions, you may want to put some sort of signage when we went on the private land at the start. I know it was mentioned at the riders meeting, but not being familiar with the area, we were not 100% sure were it was ( I suppose we could have asked ). You wouldn't want to lose the once a year privilege because somebody went on their land the following week ( like snowmobilers, somebody sees a new set of tracks ). Maybe a different colour track on the GPS route as well.

We had lunch at the perogy place, it was pretty empty when we were there and the other places looked full. The owner didn't seem to know there was a ride going on, may be worth a stop in at the Falkland restaurants to let them know what was going on , may be able to get a couple extra sponsors as well. The food was excellent by the way.

Thanks again!