Black Dog Dual Sport July 9-10 Zig Zag Oregon


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Black Dog Dual Sport

Check out this link for more information.

Are any DSBC guys going????:f:(gray Dog)




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I corresponded yesterday with (one of) the BlackDog organizer(s), Tom Niemela.

He confirmed that there is currently lots of entry space available, and that AMA membership is not required.He complimented us (TT) on the DSBC website, and issued a warm welcome for us to drive down & participate in the BlackDog.

94db & spark arrestors, same testing method / standard as what we experienced at the SheetIron.

This is a two-day event ($60.00) with 150 mile loops provided each day through the Mt. Hood National Forest. Alternatively, for $30.00 they'll let us participate for just one day.

With this being the weekend after the Dead Zone and just two weeks before the Routledge, I'll be pushing my luck at home, but would like to participate. Any one else?