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Brohm Ridge Closed


It is a sad day in Brohm Territory. Not only has the clearing begun for GAS development, making a good portion of the lower road unrecognizable and somewhat surreal, but the ridge is also off limits to motorized vehicles. The bypass at the gate is blocked off and signage has been put up. I understand through third hand accounts this is a result of too many people riding off trail and damaging the sensitive sub-alpine flora.


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I am dubious that it is off trial riding. I was up there twice this year and didn't see any evidence of that.

It could be a few things, that the Blackcomb Sled club got their wish and now have exclusive use of the area. I know they put in the effort to maintain the cabin and such and that should (and does) give them exclusive access to the cabins, but that should not mean they get exclusive access to the road. It is crown land after all and the road and road maintenance are paid by tax dollars.

Or maybe Garibaldi at Squamish project actually has legs, and the hole area will be turned into a ski/mountain bike site.