Calling on some DSBC Kamloops Adventure Bike Riders for 2017


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Most of you already know me as the big guy on the little red bike (husky 310), Well I am in Kamloops now (dont miss the rain of the coast) and along with lordendo, we volunteers to help with the loose screw C+ Route. We have already been tagging along with the local experts from DSBC and have a good grasp on the route we want to use for this years C+ riders.We are now looking for some volunteers ( volunteer implies that you will be doing something for free, but let me assure you it will cost you, how much is yet to find out)A little about the C+ Route. Our goal is to make sure that everyone participating has a good time. So Gnarly is not a word we will be using. The C+ Adventure Rider will be challenged. Ian and myself are already OK riders with many years experience and we will be pre riding the route on a KTM 950 (might be 990?) and Tiger 955. But our preliminary work will be on the smaller off road bikes. We advertise the route as 650 and under with only those with the confidance and experience to challenge the C+ route. I have ridden about 1/2 of the route and have found nothing I would not try my Tiger on, however I understand that I will not be traveling at nearly the same pace as with my smaller bike.For any of you that have never done something like organising a ride, this is where all the fun is. Not to mention that some of you may not be able to make the ride, this is a good way to have some fun exploring and supporting the sport.We are going to split the route into 3 sections so any day we go out we will not be putting on much over 80kms (so you KLR guys you dont have to fill your tanks)Both Ian and myself are pretty patient guys and will not leave you behind. If you come out and you find yourself over your head we will make sure you get out, that said we would expect anyone volunteering have at least some good gravel road riding skills. Many of the roads we are using this year have become rutted and may be challenging and a slow go. We will be using everyone's input that comes out to help.The work. Its pretty easy, we just have to make sure the roads are clear and any features are ridable (passable) by a C+ rider. We do have a section where logging has gone thru and we have a couple of hundred yards of branches etc to throw off the trail.We are looking for some new people (names I don't recognise) the present group of volunteers are really really busy trying to get the A B and C routes completed and all the other stuff that needs to be done for such an epic event to take place.So what makes a C+ rider? You have bought your off road bike and been riding for the last couple of months and now its time to scratch it.If we get enough interest (I am hoping) locally we can have a short meeting to discuss anything and everythingTom


Tom I would be interested in helping , volunteering depending when I won't be available until after the end of the month


I'd love to help (and squeeze in some loopsian fun ), but tis a matter of scheduling. If you've got dates set, post em.