China Mountain Loop Snowline ?


Has anyone been thru the China Head Mountain Loop this year?
It will be my first time thru on the second week of July, but I am starting to wonder about the snowline.

I'm hoping to get some new boots for the DR tomorrow Mark . . . If so , I'll be heading up the yalakom this weekend to meet up with those guys that established that line from the Marshall lake road to the yalakom that we stuck our noses into last year . Those guy will have the beta on China ...
Got the new boots on : Michelin anakee wild .Leaving 6 am from whis , over the highline , up the yalakom , explore a line that connects over to the Marshall lake road , back home over the Hurley .
Got a great ride in , not exactly the way we had planned but ran into a lillooet local moto guy who informed me that as of a week ago it was not possible to get from china mtn to poison mtn due to blowdown . Having never been up that way , not sure how that might affect your plans , but I can tell you we were around 1600-1700 meters and there was still the odd patch of snow , all the wet spots and marshes were full and the line we were interested in was pretty greasy so we didn't even attempt it ( after I scouted it on foot ).


That "line" went for a while, and turned into twisting single track, with plenty of ups and downs. Barely if at all big bike friendly, and if so, only for a very skilled pilot.I'm guessing it comes out up/near Poison Mt, as we were East of Mud Lakes.Must have been like a blast furnace up there !
Like I said , the ride didn't go the way we had planned ... we never got onto the yalakom . Wound up on the mud lakes / Marshall lake road .Lillooet local guy said the only thing that got in his way last weekend was blowdown , not snow .