Come out SUPERMOTO racing



For all those interested in having some good fun on your dirt bike with a bit of pavement thrown in, come on down to Tradex July 28th practice with your DOT tires on. No need to spend a ton on 17 inch rims and oversized rotors, just go with the big wheels and enter the sportsman class on the 29th.

Go to Unitedrpm for info and help suport local supermoto racing and better still get addicted and build up a motard.

See images of the fun at Howard Taki's site for the last two rounds. and 5th Gear's event in new west.


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DOT means 90% or greater street tires, you can not run knobbies it ruts the dirt section and there dangerous on pavement.

If you have trailWings or something mor street than that then your OK, Please come out and watch the HUSKY's dominate.