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I was thinking about talking my dad into doing this ride. Now my dad is going to be 67 in September and he can ride but he is not a "rider". He rides sitting down, he will not wheelie over a log or through a stream. 4+4 roads are about his limit.No hairy up-downhills....etc. He has a drz400 he is just getting used to. I have a dr650 and have MX and ice racing in my background so I am comfortable with most things...
Would one of the loops suit my dad? We would not need camping as I am in Merritt.


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Your dad will most certainly enjoy the C loop.

The two of you will enjoy riding together.

Watch these threads for 'pre-rides'; maybe join us on your own and play on our 'hard' routes.



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The "Scenic" route (aka "C" route) would suit your dad very well. This route is meant for any and all riders. The main route will be a on forest service roads and old jeep trails and is meant to be an enjoyable ride for anyone. However, for people like you that are a bit more experienced there will be options for you to choosealong the scenic route so if you are riding with your dad you will be able to challenge yourselfon these options and then meet up with yourdad a little further along the route.

All of the options will be clearly indicated on the roll chart andwill be described witha level of difficulty, so if your dad wants to trysomething harder along the way he can. Or he can stay on the main scenic route and enjoy the scenery.

I did 1/3 of the scenic loop last weekend and next weekend I plan to ride the rest of it to test it out. As well, we will be scouting the route for those harder options.

I hope that answers your question and makes your dad decide to come. If you want more info please feel free to PM me.

Let your dad know that I too ride a DRZ400 and by no meansam I an expert rider. I like to enjoy myself and I don't like to fall down (although it does happen sometimes :mad3:)