By now you are all excited after reading "The Plan", but...

The fist question is the most important one.......!



Not that much......:dr:

At this stage, because we still have a few variables we can only budget. What is more or lessknown is the shipping costs, the flight costs and some fixed costs that I know we will have. Having said all that you shouldbudget for $8,000-00 Canadian.

This will cover shipping your bike, flights, food, accomodation, insurance (on your bike while riding) travelling costs (Gas & Beer) We have some options for customs, "Carnet De Passage" or "Temp Import". One very important point, your bike will not be leaving here if it has a lien on it, IE if you still owe the bank some $ on the bike.

You will likely also have to allow for a 2nd set of tires, this will go with your bike in the container, if you do not use it, it comes back and you can use it here another day. Noteallow to spend a couple hundred $ at the local travel clinic.

Now the 2nd question is,

Do I slip away and leave the wife at home (After all it is easierto ask forgiveness than permission).........not we do offer the spouse a chance to join in and come along. But, what if she does not ride or have a bike, well she can still join us as we will (open for a vote, subject to interest) have a "Chase Vehicle" This will be a Air conditioned 4x4 quad cab P/U. It will take max 3 passengers plus a driver, if we have to pay a driver, it will cost more so do we have a volunteer........ladies?


This vehicle will not and I repeat NOT be a mule. You will have your luggage on your bike, the chase vehicle will at the most take a shoe box of parts per bike for you. The Chase Vehicle will also be carying all the tires and a small gas powered compressor fire wood and some emergency gas. Most of you know I am fairly hard core Dual Sport, but due to the fact that we will be in really remote areas and it will be really hot, we do not want to have to spend 3 days in the desert without water....(been there, done that, got the pictures...NO FUN) We are on a fairly tight itinerary in that if we miss a couple days we cut it from the itinerary meaning you see less.

This will be a camping trip, no don't run screaming.......

We do have 4 or 5 nights in Lodges, as well we will be in a Lodge while in Windhoek.

You will however have to cary full gear on the bikes, I will set up a tread with "GEAR" as the topic. This will be like a packing list, so you can see what I recomend but also add to it so we can all see what we forgot. Full gear means: Gas(extra if required), tent, and all your sleeping gear. If we do have a chase vehicle we will have a central kitchen (cooking gear on the chase vehicle for group cooking) (This will mean kitchen you can run screaming) If we do not take a chase vehicle you cook your own road kill. In the Lodges we will dine in style......:br:

The3rd most asked question:

What about the bugs?:f:

You will need a Hep A injection, malaria tablets and your own first aid. You should consult your local travel clinic a couple months before departure. They know best...WhatI can tell you is that nothing is a "Required" innoculation in the countries we visit.

We will have the option to purchase additional EVAC emergency insurance, meaning a chopper with a Dr could Evac when we need one, a phone call away, and no smart :mb:your cell does not work here but we will have a Sat phone on the truck or with me. By God's grace, to date we never had use for this service.

Africa does not have a social support structure.....:hr:

If you have any questions here, let it rip....! Please first read the other treads as you might find the answers, this way we do not duplicate.


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you are making this too easy for usHooligan-this planning is gift!