DSBC Main Information Page for Fall Nubee Ride October 14, 2012


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PAC-man, I had a blast trying to keep up with you . Thanks to everyone for setting this ride up (and sponsors). Got my 2013 pass (albeit its soaked now) so I will be back next season for sure. For those interested, the ride back on HWY 1 was also an 'adventure' with the wind.

Great meet up, looking forward to the next one!
Thanks to everyone for setting up the ride. I had an excellent ride. I didn't nitice the rain until i got back to my truck. We have some awesome trails in Chilliwack. See you all in a few weeks for another ride.


Thanks to all for the effort of putting this on. The rain kept the dust down and it was way easier to see without the sun shining on my goggles:cool:. I really enjoyed the adventure route especially without the snow that was there in March.
Thanks again to everyone.


What a day! Thank you to everyone for putting together an awesome experience for this nubee.
Like Tom said the hard route is just that, hard! Big thanks to Neil for putting me upright all day long. I would have been screwed if you were not behind me.
Never believe a seasoned rider when he tells you the hardest part is over and the rest is easy. I fell for that too many times!
Also thanks Mike, Chris and Ian for the adventure, I learned a lot, and cant wait for the next ride.


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Great ride - thanks to the ride leaders on the slow hard loop for pulling Chris and I through on our new bikes - what a great break in.....

You DualsportBC guys are awesome riders! I want more!! (once I can freely open and close my hands again that is.....)


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Glad everyone had a great ride! I was sorry to have missed it! :mad:

I'm just at the 9 week mark after breaking my ankle at the Loose Screw so I didn't want to risk it given the conditions...and my lack of a middle position between my on/off switch ;)

First Newb ride I've missed in about 5 years? :(



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Thanks to all who make these rides happen, rain or shine. This was my best nubee by far. Watching the big 990 go everywhere was unbelievable.


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Thanks to all those hard core nubee riders, without you guys we would have just stayed at home and watched the rain from the protection of our living rooms, but instead we went out there and created the route for the Nubee ride. I must admit that while creating the Nubee routes we had a lot of dust to contend with, and it was hot while clearing Buffalo Jump and the lower trails. We stuck all that good weather out to have this years Nubee just in time for the heavy rains.

This year with the smaller numbers we ended up riding a several guided groups, the leaders being those who helped get the route ready in the good weather. I have to admit I did enjoy riding with the smaller numbers and had a lot of fun with our group. It also sounds like the other groups had a great ride too. We all now know how well our rain gear works (waterproof vs water resistant)

Special Thanks

Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club for Breakfast (Donna was in charge) and Lunch (Mike P was in charge) Coffee was hot and plentiful. www.gvmc.ca

The Pavillion/Staging area was provided by Mike Peters of Recreation Sites and Trails BC. That our Government Representative in Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. http://www.sitesandtrailsbc.ca/

Colin from www.MX1Canada.com site sponsor (i think he had some rain gear there too)

And of course all the Volunteers that helped clear the trails and mark the route


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Leedam from BikeFX and Tina from RideFreeMotoGear, both site sponsors, were also in attendance. Their $$$ made the hot food & coffee possible!