DSBC The Dead Zone Dual Sport Ride Saturday July 2/05


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[align=center]The Dead Zone Dual Sport Ride
3rd Annual
Saturday July 2/05
Only $25.00 Rider

[align=center]T-Shirts for the riders on the list below[/align]

[align=left]Onion Lake BC Spring Camp Km 4.5 on the Lauwissin FSR
Just 20 km North of Lytton Hwy 12 then 4.5 km of gravel
Room for your truck and trailer[/align]

[align=left]This year we have 3 loops suitable for all levels of riders
A Loop (the hard stuff)
B Loop (lots of two track and some single track, you will scratch your bike)
C Loop all gravel road all the time Ok for the big bikes and riders new to Dual Sport Riding EZ for GS and KLR

[align=left]Wilderness Camping at Onion Lake Spring Camp We will be leaving our trucks here, room for your campers and pit toilets****This area is 10 kms from the old start area****
Motels available in Lytton only 25 Kms away less than 20 min ride ( more info to follow)

[align=left]Roll charts recommended
All bike must be licenced we will be riding on some pavement
BBQ at end of ride included
Remember to bring your own tools and flat tire repair supplies
List of Dead Headz
We need to start finding out how many rider to expect on the Dead Zone this year. It takes a lot of time and money to get these rides organised, and have things ready for us when we arrive. If you could email me [email protected] with your name ,T size and ride I will include you on the expected Dead Headz. We would like to get a T Shirt for this ride but we need at least 25 participants before spending the money. Also we would like to know if you plan on camping at the start (different from last year we are at 4.5km on the Laluweesen FSR)
[/align]List Updated June29 / 2005

1 Robert CurrieCXLKLR650 PAID
2 Ted BlowALDRZ400 PAID
3 Tom TimmermanCXXLDRZ400 PAID

4 Guy Rodrige AXLDRZ400
5 Andy Jackman AXXLXR650
6 Dave LockeAXLDRZ400
7 Mark Gray ALDRZ400 PAID
8 Rocke Kinard ALXR450X
9 John Van Leeuwen ALDRZ400
10 Sharon Rambo CXLDR650 PAID
11 Neil HawkingsCashPAIDAXXLDRZ400
12 StarBucks AXLDRZ400
13 Ray BishopCHPAIDBXLKLR650
14 John WyndhamPPPAIDCXLKLR650
15 John NairALDRZ400
16 Errol BorskyALKTM520
17 Ian BanburyALDRZ400 PAID
18 Tim Reeves ALXR400
19 Bugsinteeth ALDRZ400
20 Greg DjGAXL
21 Lars OhlssonCXLPAID
22 Chris ChasterStorePAIDALKLR650
24 Glenn NixonALWR450
25 Mike PerrierALXR650
26 Brent NixonAXLWR450
27 Rob MackieALWR450
28 Dan DragicALWR250
29 Norm OlynukAXLWR450
30 Trevor DumoreALWR450
31 Bill Van SleuwenBXLKLX400 PAID
32 Dave Salsman AXLKLX400 PAID
33 Greg Nutbrown StorePAIDBXLKLR650
34 John FordeBXLKLR650 PAID
35 Jeff WeelerBXLKLR650
36 Paul PiccoStorePAIDCXLKLR650
37Dave Bloxham L AB DR650 PAID
40 Pam ElliotStorePAIDCMKLR650
41 Scott YoungStorePAIDCLDR650

42Ken Greene Store Paid XL XL650 A
43 Bud ColesCLBMWGS1150 PAID
44 Bruce MathewsCLDR350 PAID

Late Sign Ups-----

  1. Jim Yacheson XL C
  2. Mike England L C PAID
  3. MattyM XL C maybe B
  4. Ed Wong L KLR C PAID
  5. Mess XXL CB Paid
  6. Eric Lund KLR650 XL C PAID
  7. Vince Baxter XL 650XL B PAID
  8. Finn Hayrup L DRZ400 B Paid
  9. Ken Good XL xl350R B PAID
  10. John Kirkbride DRZ400 L PAID
  11. Brian Liesemer BMW1200GS XL PAID
  12. Don Robertson KTM950 L C
  13. Alfonz Hamori KLR XL
  14. Lee Johns KLR XL
  15. John James DR650 XL B PAID


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racinray wrote:
as for the camping part of the dead zone is the onion lake bc spring camp on the lauwissin fsr suitable for a RV to get into .

There is room for several RV's no water and one pit toilet:mad2:, treed area. only 4.5 Kms of good gravel to get there. The Monkey Wrench off road race is at onion lake so we decided to move to the lower campground and give the guys up there more room.

Tom T


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Dead Zone Update April 4

C Loop is done

The C loop is now complete and good new for the GS KLR F650 Vstrom and new to the Dual Sport. The C loop is all good gravel roads and pavement (mostly gravel) with a few options to challenge the brave at heart. Don't worry about your rider level or if you DS bike is to big, this loop is gonna be fun.:hf:



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Oh Boy:dude:The "C" Loop for the Dead Zone is Ready, we have pre ridden it, checked the route sheets twice and now we are ready to go. I have read the posts on this forum and listened closely to the new rider and am sure this is the challange you are looking for.

For your information the C Loop is

An adventure, you will ride roads you have never been on before, you will get lost and turned around then be amazed at where you come out. Don't worry though the entire route is arrowed so you wont be lost for long

Wild, you will see lots of wildlife, during the pre ride we saw Deer, Wild Horses, Bears, Eagles, and even fish. You will be riding lots of range land so you can practice weaving in and out with the Slow Cows

Ok for all sizes of Dual Sports DR200 to GS1200

Challenging, we have some hard C options, so you can decide if you want to ride the B loop next year

Long about 297 kms total with 90 kms of pavement, we have "Bail Outs" so if you've had enough you can take the pavement back to camp

Scenic much of the route takes you above 4000 feet
So make sure you get that bike insured and head on up to Lytton and join us.

If you pre sign up we will send you the route sheet by email a week before the ride so you can get it into your roll chart or if you do not have one of them you can mess around with it so you can read it during the ride

The B - A Route is for seasoned Dual Sporters Only. Single track and hard 4X4 roads. You guys know who you are, if your are not sure what kind of a rider you are do the C loop you still get some harder options, I guarantee you will enjoy your ride

Please check the begining of this thread to make sure you are on my list of "planning to Go"

If you are planing to go but do not see your name send me a email [email protected] or PM me.



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BCRider wrote:
Tom, I'm in for this. Sent you an email. C loop for this time. Especially since it sounds like a long run.

What about gas stops? The poor little DR doesn't have a huge tank like some of the mega cruiser DS'ers or you and your gi-normous Clarke tank..... :D

And how can I get some money to you if you need it ahead of time?

You can send a Cheque

DualSportBC Dead Zone

8757 154A Street

Surrey B.C.

V3S 3N7

Or you can purchase on line with Credit


Or you can pay when you get there, but pre sign up always makes things run smoother and easier for us

The loop is 300 KMS and you can get gas along the way, your fist gas stop will be Spences Bridge about 50 kms from start, then Ashcroft about 150 kms from start and emergency gas at Butterfly Flats about 225 kms from start


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[align=center]Dead Zone [/align]
[align=center]Don’t Forget To Bring [ List[/align]
[align=center]This is not everything just a start[/align]

If you are Camping[/align]​
just in case it rains
Water, or anything else you want to drink, there is no water at the campsite
Toilet Paper, we can never seem to have enough
Bug Repelent I am sure there are bugs
Food for the extra nights you are staying, this includes plates and such, we supply the BBQ Saturday night only. For you guys coming up early you are welcome to use the BBQs that we will be bringing
Lytton is only 25 KMs away and has everything, Restaurants, Gas, Motels, Booze and Beer Parlor

For the Ride

Your route sheet
. Go to http://www.dualsportbc.com and get your route sheet, print the one you need, if it is a roll chart type tape it together, if it is a tank bag type we will supply Zip Lock bags that fit letter size paper and can be taped to your handlebars or tank. Spend a little time and make sure you know how to read the route sheet. Ask questions before you get to the ride

Flat tire repair kit
, should include the following, Patch kit, Tire irons, Tools to remove your wheel, rag, sandpaper, extra tube, WD40 and a pump (small bicycle pump will work in a pinch)

Check Your Bike
. Is it ready for a long ride? C Loop EZ is 300 Kms A-B Loop is 200 Kms.

Chain and Sprockets (go an extra master link?)
Air Filter
Insurance (we will be riding some roads) AB riders will travel through Cash Creek
Keys (for you guys bring you bikes up on a trailer, it happens you forget the keys)
A Full Tank Of Gas. (we start our rides this way, if you need gas at the start forget it)
Check Your Gear. Are you ready to ride?
Riding Jacket
Riding Pants
Armor (Bring it is you got it, better to wear it and not need it) I recommend knee pads,
elbow pads and good riding boots as a minimum.
Rain Gear (won’t need it but bring it anyhow)
[align=left]Below is printable checklist.pdf


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Hi Tom,

A great thanks to you and everyone else who helped out. Loved your mudslide, can't wait for the next one.



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Hey Tom and Ted and eveyone else who helped. Thanks for organizing Deadzone. Would have preferred mud wrestling between girls rather than me and the KLR.Buta tough mud ride is still better than cutting the grass at home. And it was great to meet a bunch of fellow crazies...Alfonz, Eric, John ..... Cheers, Ed Wong


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My thanks to Tom and everyone else who worked so hard on making this weekend a blast,:hb:....
I didn't think me and the big red pig were going to live a couple of times through the B ride but we made it.
Riding through some of that mud was fricking hilarious.
I can't wait to try it again next year...hopefully minus the snow :shock:



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Once again a great big thanks to all the folks that made this ride possible. I had a total hoot despite only having the energy to do about 7/8 of the first half of the B loop before we baled onto the C when faced by the quagmire at Cornwall Hills.

This was only my second off road ride since doing the newbie clinic at Chimpmunk and the other was a mostly gravel road run at Stave Lake. So to say this was a trial by fire (trial by rain?) would be an understatement. But I managed and had many a WHOOO HOOO of joyin the helmet at my successesalong with some rather creative cursing at what seemed to be a total lack of control over the bike due to the slime.

At one point I was rolling along at 70kph on some decent gravel and transitioned onto the babyshit brown slime at the bottom of a shallow downhill. My front caught an infinitesimal rut in the slime and the bike washed out the front and pivoted about 20 degrees from the line of travel before the rear also started sliding. A quickboot daband the skills I picked up at Supercamp prevented a full fledged face plant..... somehow.... But it was very much touch and go for a while. I truly thought I was going for a long muddy slide on that one....

I later learned that if I scooched back on the saddle the bike would still float around on this crud but at least it didn't pivot and I was able to ride decently, if not fast, on the slime roads.

Made all my stream crossings and most of the shorter mud runs including the stick filled mud hole so that was gratifying. The long swap mud was a killer though. I made it about 1/3 across before the bike caught a rut and almost tossed me. From there it was the expected grunt to get through but I did it on my own.

If it had been nicer weather I think it may have been possible to do the whole B loop. Maybe next year. On the whole I liked what I saw of the B loop with it's concentration on smooth and confident riding without superhuman skills being needed. While the rain doubled the challenge and certainly beat me before I could finish the first half I loved the achievable challenges. I'm already looking forward to other events of this sort and next year's Dead Zone.

Thanks again one and all.


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OK, let the ribbing start. :X;)

I was a little under the weather:pfor the ride, but I did manage to pre-ride the C and B loops:cool: We pre-rode the B loop the day before the run. It was completely do-able for a crasher like me, but that was before the rains and snow. Amazing what a completely different challenge that mud brings to the party:p I think that's one of the cool things about dirt and dual sport riding. You can ride the same route numerous times and because of weather, other bikes, 4x4's and quads using the roads and trails, you'll never get the exact same ride.:cool: There will allways be surprises. And for the most part, a radar trap is NOT one of them:hb:

Anyway, I'm glad the weather didnt scare anyone off because all of us really want the bigger bike riders and newer riders to enjoy themselves. The Routledge Run I'd say, is easier even if it does rain, as at least on the C route, the soil doesn't turn to slime in most parts when wet.

A great bunch of people showed up and I had a great time meeting new faces and seeing old ones again. One of the main reasons I haven't put many miles on my street bikes this year is the great people I keep meeting who ride dual sports.

And not toleave anyone out, the insane dirt only riders I met this past weekend are a great bunch of folks also:hb:

2more persons I'd like to thankare Pam and Scott. Pam for her great sense of humour sitting around the fire and giving good natured flak back to the some of good natured sarcasm by the guys and Scott for letting me know that there was a person with a flat on their 4x4 who may have needed some extra air in his spare. Turns out, the guy was Sheldon's father, who I hadn't met before:hb:We shot the breeze while he was changing his tire. Another great guy whe enjoyed himself.

btw, if you want to know about riding in South America, Pam and Scott are the people to talk to.:cool:


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Almost forgot. Sorry, can't recall your name, but to the 1200GS owner. That's the first one I've seen get muddy:hb: Your story about turning onto pavement and then having some Harley guys behind you ducking all the mud that was flying off your bike, still makes me laugh:hb::hb::hb:

Bring on the Routledge Run!!!!!!! Skidmark and myself are riding sweep on that run:cool:

But who's going to scrape us off the trail???:?:?:?

Nice to see a muddy KTM 950 too:hb: Clean bikes suck:p


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:hb:Although I got to thank Tom in person, I didn’t get the opportunity to thank others.

It’s obvious there was a ton of effort put in to organizing this event. A big sloppy muddy handshake to all for their work.

Thanks to bmw rocke for putting up with a senile old fart for the weekend.
Now I must rush, there’s a bunch of unwanted stowaways to be rounded up before they get too comfortable (Carpenter ants I’m informed) :shock:


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ya...BMW1200GS Guy (Brian) here. Thanks alot for all those involved in organizing the dead zone ride and especially tothose three guys whoFINALLY caught up to me at the mud hole to push me out and thenwatched over me through the rest of the slop to ensure I wasn't lost forever. I had a great time....regret bailing on the afternoon ride....but had a hoot on the pavement to Lillolet and back. I past about 10 other BMW GSs - I guessBC BMWhad ameet on at Lilloet (clean bikes only haha).

I was out riding today and ended up horizontal (=45° for a GS) in a mud hole...would have never attempted that before ridind the dead zone.

Thanks again...I'll try to make the next one. If you are ever in Kelowna or Calgary let me know.



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hawk wrote:
PS. Does anyone have pictures of the mudded tires from Cornwall. I forgot to take any and whe I tell people about it theyjust don't believe!

Hawk, check out my photos from the ride, especially the one about halfway through that shows the front wheel from my KLX400 with the entire rim and tire encased in mud/clay. What an experience...

I too would like to thank Tom, Ted, and everyone else that made this such a great event. I had a great time riding and sliding through the B course and couldn't have asked for better riding partners in Mark, John, and Scott. :clap:

Special thanks to Mark for the ride and John for helping gather me out of the mud puddle I threw myself in. :hr: DirtyBill, we missed you out there...



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A email that Wally K sent to me I thought others would like to read it.

Posted without Wallys Permission


Hi Doug

We encountered just about everything in the dual sport experience on Saturday. There were three routes, the "C" (for KLR's and those with little dirt experience), the "B" (some off-road experience) and "A" (dirt riders with plates). I rode the "A" loop, which went from pine forest to spruce forests to alpine meadows to grasslands to sagebrush country injust over 4 hours. After lunch in Cache Creek, we took a longer way back, makingfor a 9-10 hour day and over 210 km (but less than 20 km of blacktop!). And the weather? Bizarre. Started out with twenty minutes of dust, followed by a torrential downpour that turned the roads to grease,then it snowed, then rained some more, then after lunch the sun came out, and the final twenty minutes was dusty again.I heard that we just missed the tornado.

Some personal highlights:

**Taking a wrong turn fifteen minutes from the start, picking up some arrows, and riding about 6 km of the Poker Run course for off-road bikes.I kept banging trees and tossing roost on some pretty cool single track, trying to catch up with Ted and the boys, who of course were waitingona gravel road 6 km in the other direction wondering, "Where the hell did Wrongway get to?"

**Entering The Dead Zone, ablack mud single track througha dark and gloomy forest, in a snowstorm. Yep, a 14 km rootfest, launching up and skiing down slimy hills, while the fluffy white stuff fluttered down from the unseen sky. One crash, two stalls, three hills pushed up. Reminded me of a late 1970's enduro.

**Watching Ted crash. Twice. The dirt roads were total slime, with both wheels sliding all the time, and offering lots of opportunity to crash. Ted's second one was the best, a sudden and unexpected 180 degree turn done with surprisingly balletic grace, right up to the flailing arms and legs and PLOP!

**Meeting John, a fellow DR400 rider, who has never ridden off road. Bought hisbike in November, and this was his first real ride on it. Finished without crashing, even with about 100 km of slimy dirt track, and told me he had a blast. John is 72 years old.

**Cornwall Summit. Almost 7,000 ft high, alpine meadows in bloom stretching out for miles around us, dotted with fresh snow.

Great group of people, about 70 signing up, many thanks to Tom Timmerman and Ted Blow for a top notch event.

Hey buddy, you missed a good one.