Dual sport ride from 5thgear Aug 2 @ 6:30pm


I'm a DSBC sponsor. Please thank me with your busi
Meet at the shop at 6:30 pm for a local dualsport ride. Beginner rider friendly.

It will be an amazing loop of off road places you never knew existed around Vancouver. Good oppurtunity to test ride a HUSKY and meet some new riders.

#2170 21000 Westminster Hwy Richmond


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thanks for organizing the ride Bill, some interesting areas for sure...

got the bike up and running shortly after Mark left to get this truck, thanks Mark, I owe you. Turns out it was gas, or lack thereof, there was a airlock in the gas line, probably a result of the bumpy rail tracks and hitting reserve just as I left them. Even though I drained the carb bowl, I didn't do it for long enough. It wasn't until I removed the the gas line from the tank that gas started to flow, that and cracking the gas cap... Anyway, thanks for all the help...