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DualSportBC booth at the Motorcycle Show


Super Moderator
DualSportBC will once again have a booth at the 2016 Vancouver Motorcycle Show at Tradex in Abbotsford.

Show dates are: January 22-25, 2016.

We need people to volunteer to work in the booth . If you've done it in the past you know that's it's a pretty easy job and lots of fun. A great way to give back to the club and meet new and old friends. Each shift is 4 hours and if you're going to come to the show anyway you may as well come and hang out in the booth and tell people how awesome DSBC is.

Volunteers will get a free pass for the show and a limited edition 2016 DSBC Vancouver MC Show t-shirt (which will cost you $10 because DSBC isn't made of $$$ and doesn't charge for membership and we'd rather spend our limited $$$ on this website and trail building and maintenance so we can all go for a ride).

Send me and email at [email protected] with the follow info:
1. Name (first and last)
2. nickname on DSBC forum
3. phone number
4. t-shirt size
5. preferred date (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and volunteer time (morning 10am-2pm, afternoon 2pm-6pm, evening 6pm-9pm). If you don't care, let me know. If you can do more than one shift that would be great.



Super Moderator
The holidays are over so it's time to think forward to the 2016 riding season and the 2016 Motorcycle Show.

We still need a few more people to volunteer to work the DSBC booth. If you are going to attend the Show anyway you may as well spend a few hours at the DSBC booth talking to others who may be interested in our sport but don't know where to start.

I also need photos to display at our booth. Email me one or two of your favorite shots from 2015. I need the photos right away so we can get them printed.

email me at [email protected] with your info (see first post in this thread) and preferred volunteering times.



Staff member
I've done this the last couple of years (and am again this year). It's a really good time talking about how and where we ride and how we each use the forum. Conversations range everywhere from adventure riding to dirt biking to street bikes. You meet a bunch of good folks, obtain the coveted DSBC t-shirt and turn the show into a whole different level of experience. So if you're on the fence, just sign up and help out, you'll be glad you did.


I'm hoping to come from the Island to the show and will definitely stop by and say Hi. I'd volunteer, but I really do not have a firm grip on the timing of my visit. (family obligations from which I hope to skip out of for a while...)


New member
Tried to email some pics, but It got kicked back due to the email? If like here are my two favorite pics this year. 4



Super Moderator
Thank you to everyone that volunteered to help at the DSBC booth. We now have enough people. I will send out a confirmation email with volunteer times and how and where to get your volunteer show pass.

I have also received more than enough photos (so many that it clogged up my server and over filled my inbox!) Thank you all so much.

2016 Trail Passes will be available to purchase from DSBC at our booth. With your purchase of a trail pass you will also receive a reflective DSBC decal, a DSBC helmet decal, a DSBC event calendar card and a DSBC key fob. PLUS the good warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you are contributing to DSBC, this web site and the maintenance of the trails you ride on in BC. You can get all of this for only $60. Bring cash or a credit card. Come by the booth and see if you are in any of the photos that will be on display.



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leaving in the AM with the weather looking warm and wet, arriving maybe sometime after noon at the show.


New member
I'll be checking out some of the action tomorrow. I remember thinking last year that the DSBC booth looked like the most exciting booth cause everyone around it looked like they actually ride haha


Well-known member
great job on the booth at the show guys and gals all those pictures looked terrific and the tube roof really set the booth apart from the rest.

discovered this weekend that I'd make a great weather man, as I thought the ride down would be warm/wet and it proved to be cold/dry I predicted it dead wrong, now pay me. Actually for Jan 24th the ride was much better than expected.
hit the show on Friday around noon . . . think it'll be the last one I go to for a while .

did a couple of laps in both buildings . popped by the dsbc booth when it was super busy so just passed by . got glazed over by all the hawkers trying to sell you something so when I tried to find my way back to the booth I couldn't find it .

port mann toll both ways , 15 bux admission , 6 bux parking , gas money , maybe if I win the prize bike it will have been worth it but otherwise . . . meh

it's nice to see the industry appears healthy in this part of the country , but despite all the new bikes from all the manufacturers , I just kept going back to see what was new on the DR650 . . . that's the only bike that appeals to me from a practical " what bike would I really own ? " standpoint . ( since I already own one , and don't see any changes in the future , I guess my attendance is no longer necessary )


Active member
how about a ride report from the show please. I past on it this year, as the last couple of times I went, it was over run with Harleys and Chinese bikes in any size and flavor you could imagine. I realize we are a small minority in the motorcycle world, and I find it really shows at the show.


Past President DSBC 2004 -2018
Staff member
As a MC show goer for many years I will give you my thoughts on this years show

I love motorcycles, all types of motorcycles, everything from the high tech Japanese super-bikes to the el cheap-o Chinese entry bikes and what would the show be without the appearance of Phil Funnel :tup:. (dont know Phil? do a google search, I would consider him a true dualsportbc kinda guy) For me the show is kinda like a reunion, but with lots of motorcycles. I get to see and talk to lots of guys I miss during the year. This year was no exception. When I go to any show I spend lots of time talking to industry types, finding out whats happened and what might be in the future.

Couple of years ago the MCC took over the show and changed the format, shortened the days and hours, removed the tent (along with many venders and clubs). In general they focused the show on the companies that sponsor the show. The new format is much easier on the show exhibitors, but at the cost of the things that made the Motorcycle Show the Vancouver Motorcycle Show. Its been homogenized, its still go but they removed some of the things that gave the Vancouver show its flavour.

For us Dual Sport riders I get more out of our Newbie Ride, I get to see all the bikes I want to see together in one great setting with their owners. Like a motorcycle show in the mud. I will continue to attend the motorcycle show in the future as there is not much else to do in January............................................


See you at the 2018 show




Motorcycle Show 2016

This year the show seemed smaller than previous years, but there is still something for everyone! I wandered the two buildings for a couple of hours before heading to the booth for my shift and I ran into old friends and looked at some cool bikes, Busy but not over crowded so you could actually sit on a bike without a line-up! I talked to Don Hatton about his riding school and the upcoming Squamish Bike festival! As well I got my shoes shined for free!

While at the booth the traffic was steady,
There was a stream of people showing interest in the booth and I hope to see some of the people that I talked to at the Newbie & Loose Screw ride this year!
Overall it beat the other option (going to work for the day)



Did I just read "Newbie Ride"???
Would love to be part of another Tamihi mud festival this spring.
I have the ability to staple arrows, if that helps