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Hello Again Dual Sporters

This is to let you know that my cast is off, I will be riding again this weekend.( for those of you who did not know I broke my finger requiring surgery, I have been in a cast for the last four weeks)

We are off to Morocco on October 20th to participate in the Moroccan Rally.
The location this year, actually uses a large potion of the old Dakar route.
I will be riding for Patsy Quick on a 690 enduro.

Our experience in Morocco last year was not pleasant ( no food, got mugged, flight out cancelled etc) so my wife is quite apprehensive actually she is outright scared however she is a trooper and has booked her flight.

I am looking forward to navigating in the Sahara and meeting up with old team mates.



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It was good to talk to you today Hope to see you before you go and as always wishing all the best . take care of the hand