DZ Update June 25 2010


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I sent this out as a mass email but keep getting an error message so I am posting this here and hopefully those who need this information will get it.

June 25 Update on the 2010 Dead Zone
The event is ready to go July 3 2010
For more information check the following links
Dead Zone Main Information Page
List of Participants Make sure you are on this list if you are attending
Fuel Information On the A or B route and dont have a 225 km range? Check this link out
For any other information go to the Dead Zone Main page

Thanks for your support
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last minute note... you will need a fairly current version of adobe acrobat reader to print the charts correctly


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July 1 2010

B and A Riders do not print your route sheets, they are wrong

To make a long story short we had a last minute issue with one of the local IR. and had to change the route. Thats been done so now we have new routes sheet being printed