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D Introduction
We have been riding the back-roads and trails of the Lytton - Cash Creek area for many years, and it is one of my favorites. This area is home to the Monkey Wrench Cross Country, Onion Lake riding area, one of the most famous riding areas in Canada, if not the world. It is stewarded by the West Coast Dirt Riders who host the famous Monkey-wrench cross-country enduro race every Canada Day / July 1st Long Weekend.

The DZEE ride will be a learning process for DSBC to use the Rally Navigator software with the hopes of creating an easy way of hosting Dual Sport Events and possibly a Rally in the near future. Yes you all will be my guinea pigs to help us learn this software, all while riding one of the nicest areas in BC. You are not going to be the first as we already did the Loose Screw C Route with the Rally Navigator software and it was a success.

There is no direct cost other than be a paid member of DSBC, this serves two main purposes, one is to help keep the coffers of DSBC loaded with cash, but more importantly provides me, the other organizers and the DSBC directors with a bit of insurance. Membership without BCORMA Trail Pass is only 30 bucks per year, but I always recommend the BCORMA trail pass as a few bucks will work its way to the guys that keep this area rideable.

Make sure you understand what what this weekend will be all about before committing. Please dont sign up if you cant make it as there is a very limited amount of spaces for riders, we are looking for intermediate level riders (this is not for hard core expert, A, dirt bikers) As long as you have your gravel road skills mastered you will like this ride, but be prepared there may be some short sections that may be rutted, muddy and you might drop your bike more than once. If you dont drop your bike on the first day you will be welcome to join in for some really challenging stuff on the second day.
If you have read this far then lets keep reading and get you signed up.

D Dates
September 7 2019
Adventure Loop with Hard Options
September 8 2019
Just Hard Loop

D Location
Start Finish Acacia Grove Motel and Campground Spences Bridge

D Cost
Must be paid member of DualSport BC
Link to Pay Here

D Routes
September 7 Adventure Loop, +200kms
  • Suitable for all true Adventure Bikes with good off road tires.
  • Sorry not suitable for new riders on over 650cc Adventure bikes
  • For those of you coming off of the Loose Screw it would be rated as C+
  • Expect Challenging sections
  • Elevations over 6000 Feet, weather will be unpredictable
September 7 Adventure Loop with Hard Options +200kms
  • Not for any bike over 650cc, no one to help you if you find your bike off the trail
  • Not for new riders
  • Some single track
  • Good Possibility of Mud
September 8 Hard Loop +80km
  • Dirt Bike oriented
  • Lots of single track
  • Lots of mud
  • Lots of steep steeps up and down

D Navigation
GPS Rally Navigator
You will need one or more of the following (more is better)
Enduro Roll Chart Holder (does not need batteries)
GPS that you can load tracks into.
Smartphone with GPS and Mobile Rally Navigator App installed (will cost you 20 bucks USD)
Accurate re-settable odometer (not BMW or KTM not accurate) GPS with re-settable odo preferred
Route mileage will be done with GPS

D Small Print
Max 25 bikes per route
Must Register and be accepted to get route sheets and GPX
There is camping, some motel rooms and parking at the Acacia Grove Motel for a fee
Make those arrangements before you arrive
DualSportBC and its Organizers will not be responsible for nothing (anything?) not even the weather

D No’s (things you must take care of yourself)
No route sheet, you must print them yourself, will provide you with a pdf file
No GPS support, you must load the GPX information yourself and know how to operate
No Ribbons marking route
No Arrows marking route
No Internet, the area has cell service
No camping, accommodations or parking included (See note above Acacia Grove)
No Food, but there is a Pub and Packinghouse Pantry
No Beverages, see above
No Prizes, we are not kids anymore
No Gas in Spences Bridge
No Sponsors, we all buy too much online to justify asking
No DSBC is not responsible for (insert question here)
If you have to ask the answer is NO

Congratulations you have made it to the end, now its time to commit and sign up

D Sign Up Page

D Contact Information
PM me tomcycle
or for you old fashioned types 604.724.2425

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